What Is a Shoe Horn? We Have Your Queries Answered!

Many people, whether attending casual events or formal ones, hate taking off shoes. Not only because this is a sign of impoliteness, but the process of taking shoes off is also time-consuming and challenging.

​​If you are addicted to leather shoes, you must have experienced this feeling at least once. Leather boots often have sturdy heels, which makes it hard to put your feet into shoes. Fortunately, a shoe horn will help you solve this problem.

A shoe horn is a gadget that allows your foot to comfortably slide into your shoe. However, it requires more than that to choose a suitable shoe horn. Comfort, routine, and your foot length should be taken into account while considering buying this product. Texture and aesthetics also play a role.

It seems like too much to comprehend. But we are here to help. In this article, you can find out what is a shoe horn, and all other important things about it.

Shoe Horn Definition

A shoe horn, as I said above, is a tool for the heel to glide into the shoe. A good shoe should hug the foot, so there is not a lot of excess space in the heel to put your fingers in. The gadget essentially offers a smooth ramp that pushes down the sole of your footwear, preventing it from catching your ankle as you insert your foot.

It is called a horn because it is made from horns (buffalo or cow). Natural horns inherently have beautiful colors, which fascinate people. Therefore, shoe-horns that are made from horns always possess a special beauty; no two are alike. For many people, a shoe horn is more of a piece of jewelry than just a gadget.

However, through many years of development, numerous new materials have been used in manufacturing a shoe horn. While wealthy people opt for paper, glass, bone, silver, or shell as the material to produce this tool, which improve the sophistication of the shoehorned meaning, others choose wood, plastic, and metal to prolong the lifespan of the shoe horn.

Shoe Horn Use

Shoehorning is the act of inserting the foot into the heel. Many people wonder whether a shoe horn is necessary or only a waste of money. Here, we will give you a clear explanation of its usage and you can decide on its necessity.

​​In Case You Get Snug Shoes

The tool serves as a tiny slip for your ankle, making it easier to go into footwear. This is especially useful when your heel is dangling over the rear of the insole and you want to pull it in. Of course, you can handle it with your bare finger without the help of any shoe horn.

In Case Your Shoes Are Too Tight

If sneakers keep their identical form after being untied, there isn’t much room for you to fit your heels into them. It may be difficult to overlook the aggravation your boots are giving your feet when taking them on. Your heels, on the other hand, are also ruining your too-tight leather shoes.

In this scenario, a shoe horn will prevent the heel from becoming wrinkled or torn while preventing the rest of the footwear from expanding and becoming worn. It is particularly helpful for inflexible shoes like polished or patent-leather shoes.

Therefore, making the procedure simpler is beneficial to both your foot and footwear.

In the Case of a Suede Pair

If you have a pair of suede shoes, you must know how vulnerable it is. This type of shoe is less stiff than leather shoes, which means it takes less time to lose its original shape. If everything goes as expected, a shoe horn will double the longevity of suede shoes.

Shoe Horn Saying

After knowing what a shoe horn is and what it is used for, you might have questions about the different textures and types of shoe horns. Each version has various meanings, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Its Material

What can we understand through the texture of a shoe horn? The answer is its historical era. As I mentioned above, shoe horns in the past were made from animal horns, particularly bulls. People believed that this material was long-lasting and cheap. Today, it is still an amazing option, and you can find bull’s horns in a product named FootFitter Bull Horn 9’’.

Unlike in the past, people nowadays are more keen on metal as the main texture of a product. For those who want rapid results with simplicity, the sensory quality of metal is ideal for socks to glide. Shoe horns made from metal have a perfect arch that replicates your foot’s original form. The arch also makes storage more practical.

So, from the material and texture, we can tell the difference between shoe horns in the past and present.

Its Length

Shoe horns have two different lengths: short and long. From this distinction, we can easily discover their purposes. The former is used when you are sitting, whereas the latter is preferred while standing.

Moreover, a short one can serve as a piece of jewelry like a keychain and you can always bring it along. Long shoe horns, on the other hand, are more stable and long-lasting. They are also more helpful in keeping a shoe in good shape.

Each type of shoe horn has different purposes, so you should choose one based on your routine. For instance, if upright and maintaining balance is problematic, a small horn used while sitting is preferable. If you have back difficulties, the longer horn is better for controlling your footwear without needing to lean over.

How to Use a Shoe Horn

It is not hard to deal with a shoe horn. Here is what you do:

  • Step 1: If you use a short horn, sit down. Otherwise, keep standing.
  • Step 2: Place the tool so that the scoop is pointing up and facing the sole.
  • Step 3: Insert your foot into the shoe.
  • Step 4: Remove the shoe horn after the whole foot is in the footwear.


Above are all things we want to share about shoe horns. Hopefully, now you know what is a shoe horn and what a shoe horn is used for. If you find this article helpful and informative, please let us know in the comments.

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