Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans In 2022



If your jeans collection has flare jeans but you are in dilemma about what shoes to wear with flare jeans in 2022? Then read this shoe styling guide from top to bottom.

Well, you don’t need to search more now. Your answer is ready to help you there. Flares are returning to the fashion world, setting a new trend for casual outings and meetings. Therefore, you can undoubtedly say that flares can be the best to wear in any season.

However, in the case of footwear, most women get confused about what footwear to wear with flare jeans. Thus, we are here to bring them out of their confusion with this blog. It will help you with the shoes to wear with flares and style you in a new look.

15 Best Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans In 2022

It is a common problem that due to flared jeans’ wide and long length, the footwears remain unnoticed. But, if you want to complete your entire flare jeans look, you can add a pinch of style by choosing the perfect pair of footwear to wear with flare jeans.

And who knows if someone will notice your pairing and get impressed? So, here we choose the best shoes to wear with flare jeans.

#1. Style Flare Jeans With Platforms


Image Credit – WhoWhatWear

Flare jeans come with wide bottoms. Thus, selecting the perfect pair of footwear is essential to make yourself comfortable for walking and showing off. So, it can be possible with the platforms and the heels to make you comfortable and are the best shoes to wear with bell bottoms.

Platform sandals are available in many color options. Choose your favorite color and flaunt your style. They look modish, cozy, and fashionable, and complement your flare look.

What else do you need?

#2. Style Bell Bottoms With Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots

Image Credit – Soxy

Ankle boots never go off of fashion style. They are the most desirable ones when it comes to pairing them with denim jeans. But can you pair them with flares?

Of course! Nobody will stop you from doing so! After all, you are the fashion expert yourself. If you feel comfortable in these boots, go for them.

It looks effective if you twin it with your favorite brown color jacket, a black t-shirt, a hat on your head, and of course, the flare jeans. It will ultimately be a new look you can enjoy in the winter.

#3. Style Your Flares With Wedges


Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

In 2022, wedges are possibly one of the best shoes to wear with bell bottoms. These footwears compliment your look and provide you with enough confidence while walking on a road, standing for a photoshoot, and showing off like a model.

The best part?

You can make your rugged and casual look more elegant with them. And these wedges relax your feet while walking. But these wedges are preferable when one wants to relive that 70s era once again with the flare jeans.

#4. Try Chunky Boots!

Chunky Boots

Image Credit – The Chic Pursuit

Do you know what makes chunky boots the perfect choice for bell bottoms? The answer is hidden in its length! Due to a length up to ankle or calf height, it becomes a more demanding option for shoes to wear with bell bottoms.

You can use them with or without heels to showcase your of-the-moment look. These are the best choice for your Sunday outings and office timings. Other casual appearances at a function.

#5. Wear Block Heels With Bell Bottoms


Block heels or chunky heels are also excellent choices to pair up with flares. Whether you need a higher-heeled slide or lower sandals, chunky heels can complete your needs for fashionable footwear.

Undoubtedly heels are the best “shoes to wear with bell bottoms”. Because it sticks to the ground that makes your walk easier. Also, heels satisfy your inner desire to look stylish & confident.

#6. Flats is an Excellent Choice


Image Credit – ShoeTease

Styling flares can depend on your desires. Therefore, you can pair them with your favorite shoes and boots at the same time. However, flat sandals are also the best options you can consider to pair with flares.

It will surely give you a bohemian look, which will be a massive change if you haven’t tried it yet. The best part?

You can have a messy look for the day if you don’t want to get ready for the outings.

#7. Wear Clogs


Image Credit – Season+Salt

What shoes to wear with flare jeans might confuse you because endless options are available. However, when comparing flares with different shoes, you can choose Clogs, a perfect one!

Your feet feel happy, and clogs will add another fashion flair to your flare jeans. And the best thing is that you will look confident when you feel comfortable while walking and dressing. It will boost you, double your energy and help you do whatever remains of yesterday’s office work with total efficiency.

#8. Try Funky Sneakers


Image Credit – FarFetch

Sneakers are the best choices to give your legs the space they want. Therefore, most people choose sneakers to pair with casual or denim jeans.

What shoes to wear with flare jeans? The simple answer is the sneaker. Because sneakers show your inner sporting spirit. So, you can make your appearance more energetic by playing a sport anytime and get all the attention with flares.

#9. Pair Flare Jeans With Birkenstocks


Image Credit – Laura Kate Lucas

Flair jeans are suitable for every style of footwear. Thus, you can easily pair them with anything you love the most. However, Birkenstocks are another best choice of footwear to wear with flare jeans.

These footwears are soft, easy to use and look excellent with white or black flare jeans. Also, the leather will add an appealing look when you pair them with flares.

#10. Wear ColorFul Strappy Sandals With Bell Bottoms

Strappy Sandals

Image Credit – WhoWhatWearUK

Strappy sandals can be the best option to make you look elegant and dressy. At the same time, it won’t disturb your fashion freak identity. However, pairing them with the flares may sound awkward.

But, the truth is something else!

Despite using the shoes to wear with your flares, you can rely on these strappy sandals. You can create your style by combining flares and a white blouse with strappy sandals. This combination can make you feel comfortable and help you look better.

#11. For Your TomBoy Personality Wear Army Shoes

Army Shoes

Image Credit – FashionCanons

Flared jeans are commonly wide from the bottoms. Therefore, getting the right pair of feet becomes essential. To help you here, we suggest using the army boots carved to complete your look.

And guess what?

These flares are the perfect choice to wear these shoes and stay comfortable and confident than the boots to wear with skinny jeans.

#12. Converse is My All Time Favorite!


Image Credit – Pinterest

Like sneakers, you can choose converse to pair up with flares and create your style of dressing. These are the most suitable options if your office is within walking distance or you want to go shopping.

Due to its comfortable shape, you can feel relaxed while walking and cannot find any problem taking it off and wearing it again and again. This will surely complement your flares.

#13. Try Loafers For a Corporate Look


Image Credit – StyleCaster

Looking for more style and comfort options for your flares? Then try loafers!

If you want to wear a white top or t-shirt with cropped or wide flare jeans, you can try that combo with loafers, amongst the best shoes to wear with flare jeans.

It is a trending shoe for any season and among footwear’s timeless creations.

#14. Slingbacks Make You Stylish


Image Credit – LeFashion

In 2022, slingbacks are one of the best choices to pair with flares. Imagine you are entering the museum or sipping your favorite wines. Just in a moment, you look at your feet and find that you are comfortable with your footwear and attire.

How better it feels? Right? Well, you can get this feeling by wearing a Slingback for such outings.

#15. Style Combat Shoes With Blue Flare Jeans

Combat Shoes

Image Credit – AEJeans

Combat Shoes are commonly considered the most comfortable shoes and are mainly worn for casual outings. But do you know these combat shoes can increase your dressing style with bell-bottom jeans?

Is it true?

Well, considering the world, many women are styling flares with combat shoes. And these shoes make you look rocking for outings if you wear them with a jacket, top, or blazer. But note that you must have flare jeans with a longer hem to get such a look.


Now here we end our “What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans” guide.

This question is not new for most women. Also, many answers to this question are available nowadays. But still, most of you get confused. Right?

So, we can help you there with our 15 best options that you can try with flare jeans and make yourself confident to step out.

By pairing your flares with these shoes, you can go to the office, client meetings, exhibitions, museums, wineries, and many other sports. Also, these shoes enhance your dressing styles and give a complete look for your day.

So, pair them with your flares and let the world talk about you!


Q. What Are Flare Jeans?

Ams: – Flare Jeans are similar to bootcut jeans, but flares are not bootcut jeans. Flares are the trousers wide from the knee portions and more comprehensive from the ankle.

Q. Which Shoes Should Not Be Styled With Flare Jeans?

Ans: – You must avoid wearing thin stiletto heels with your flare jeans. Because it looks unstylish and also makes you uncomfortable.

Q. What To Consider While Styling Flares With Shoes?

Ans: – First, you must consider the length or the height of the Flare jeans. After that, ensure that your flare style matches the shoes or sandals while wearing them. In addition, you can consider the color combination while styling flares with different shoes or sandals available to style your way.

Q. What Shoe Colors Suit Flares?

Ans: – Mainly, you can pair any flares with classic white sneakers and black ones. These are the most preferable and suit every flair you purchase. However, you can also try ankle boots of black color, which is a versatile shoe and can be paired with any flare jeans.

Q. How To Style Flare Jeans?

Ans: – Many ways are available to style your flares. From simple t-shirts to denim and casual blazer, flare jeans can add that extra touch to your fashion skills. Similarly, styling flares with summer ensembles and a cozy cardigan are the best ways to style your flares.

Q. Which Flare Jeans Style Is Best To Pair Up With Ankle Boots?

Ans: – Ankle shoes are among the best choice to pair with flares. However, you must know the type of flare suits with ankle boots. We think high-waisted flared jeans, bootcut jeans, and cropped flare jeans are the best to pair with ankle boots.

Q. What Are The Tips For Wearing Flare Jeans With Different Shoes?

Ans: – Use the following footwear tips to pair your flares with different shoe options available.

  • First, you can start picking up the correct footwear that suits your flares. For example, boots with slight heels or shoes can be the best to wear with flares.
  • Second, wearing a belt can enhance your style by pairing flares with crop tops or shirts and tickling them into flares.
  • Third, damaged patterns or cuts are ruling over the fashion world. Thus, you can make cuts on your flares with a shaver and pair them with your favorite pairs of shoes for any outings or casual meetings.

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