17 Types Of Heels That Every Woman Must Know


If you want to purchase heels but don’t know the different types of heels? Then check the below guide that demonstrates the 17 heel types!


Women’s heels are a style symbol. They will always be linked to fashion and glitz. As a result, every woman’s closet contains different types of heels. A woman wearing high heels is undoubtedly smart and focused.

She most definitely gives careful thought to every aspect of her appearance, right down to the height of her stilettos or slingbacks.

Additionally, she is adept at discerning which looks call for kitten heels, closed-toe pumps, or classic pumps, while others are best with expansive heels and podium heights. She is an expert when it comes to choosing the best heel silhouette for her cycle of clothes.

Find out what types of heels every fashionable lady needs in this guide, regardless of whether your lifestyle necessitates them frequently or you choose to wear no less than three inches of heels every day.

Consider this your go-to reference for everything from heels for casual occasions to styles created for elegant parties and opulent getaways.

Here, We Explain The Famous 17 Types of Heels

Most of us probably only have a two or three-type understanding of stilettos. But there is a lot more than that. Most of them have probably already passed you without your knowledge.

The most popular types of heels are described below, which can help to get your fashion in order.

1. Clear Heels: Trending Type of Heel

Clear heel is one of the famous types of heels.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Clear heel is high-heeled footwear commonly known as stripper heel and is made of a transparent substance. Sometimes the heel comes with fun extras like flashing lights, colored liquid, or even fish.

Polycarbonate, PVC, lucite, and acrylic resin are among the materials utilized to make the heel design. When performing a ballerina style, transparency can be exploited cleverly to create the illusion that the dancer is en pointe or on tiptoe.

Ones for formal occasions like the prom, a more romantic style that resembles Cinderella’s glass slipper has been created, but typically designs are more daring with very high heels.

2. Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels

Photo Credit: Seplope

Wedge heels are one of the most well-liked types of heels worldwide, wedge heels are renowned for their comfort and beachy vibes.

Espadrille and cork versions are the most informal, but engravings, imprinting, exotic suede, and metallic embellishments can elevate the basic wedge to a formal must-have.

Wedge heels will keep you cool when the weather gets warmer because they hold up well in tropical, humid situations.

3. Square Toe Heels

Square Toe Heels

Photo Credit: Charleskeith

Due to their sleek and symmetrical design, square-toe heels are a classic summer wardrobe essential that provides a welcome alternative to typical pumps.

These pumps have appeared on high-fashion runways like Bottega Veneta, BEVZA, and The Row ever since they made a resurgence in the 1990s.

For casual trips or a striking pantsuit for the office, square-toe designs look good with tight trousers and a bold shirt.

4. Mary Jane Heels

Mary Jane Heels

Photo Credit: Etsy

Mary-Jane heels resemble pumps but have a middle-foot closure, typically a clasp or strap. This style of women’s shoe is American in origin and has become a popular choice for little girls’ footwear.

But designers like Manolo Blahnik have turned it into a sophisticated women’s shoe. Manolo’s Campari Heels are an urban shoe myth, according to Carrie Bradshaw of Se!x and the City.

5. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Strap Heels

Photo Credit: Tthme

Ankle strap heels are stylish women’s shoes that never go out of fashion.

Single or several straps that tighten or wrap around the foot are used in strappy high and ankle-strapped pumps to create a sensual appeal that will attract attention to your shapely legs and flawless pedicure.

For a sensuous finish, more intricate motifs may extend up to the mid-calf. When worn with calf-length slacks and elegant summer dresses, traditional ankle strap heels look wonderfully stylish because these shapes let your heel take the spotlight.

6. Mule Heels

Mule Heels

Photo Credit: Tthme

Mules are closed-toed women’s shoes with an opening at the back. Some people have peep toes. From very low to quite high, the heels can vary in height.

Their roots go back to Classical Rome. Although clogs were a common style of mule heel, Gucci took them back in a loafer variant.

7. D’Orsay Heels

D’Orsay Heels

Photo Credit: Shoe-tease

The d’Orsay heel is a kind of women’s shoe where the vamp is cut extremely close to the toe box and the interior, or maybe both flanks, of the heels, are removed to display the arch of the foot.

Although the d’Orsay frequently resembles a pump, it could also resemble a flat. These types of heels may have been designed by Count d’Orsay with military men in mind, however, they ended up being one of the most timeless, classic types of women’s shoes.

The curled instep of the foot, which is generally hidden, is visible in the d’Orsay. The extra flesh revealed lengthens the legs, which is incredibly attractive.

8. Lucite Heels

Lucite Heels

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Have you ever seen transparent heels? These heels are most likely made of lucite. Even though these could be a favorite shoe for women who enjoy pole dancing, shoe designers have turned them into a current vogue.

Although I’ve seen them made into curled and fanned heels, lucite heel styles are typically blocked heels. They have even been filled in with unrelated objects by some designers who have merged them with some other materials.

9. Block Heel

Block Heel

Photo Credit: Windsorstore

For ladies who need heels that can be styled down or up with various outfits, block heels are a closet necessity. A block heel has a big, surface-area, thickly formed heel.

This contemporary heel type strikes a mix between cute and practical, and it can be worn with either a cocktail dress or a skirt for a sophisticated casual ensemble.

This heel is indeed a cozy and fashionable option worth considering because it is more durable and stable than thinner substitutes.

10. Kitten Heel

Kitten Heel

Photo Credit: Charleskeith

Kitten heels are fashionable and cozy to wear because they are medium in height. These women’s shoes often have heels that are less than two inches, which improves posture without the pain associated with high heels.

Wear a slingback variant with denim pants and bold jewelry for a contemporary appearance.

A Red or black organza kitten stiletto will offer you a stunning silhouette if you’re going on a scorching date. The kitten heel style is one to watch since it combines the convenience of a flat heel with the refinement of something with a little more height.

11. Comma Heels

Comma Heels

Photo Credit: Disneyrollergirl

As you can imagine, comma heels are simply large, the traditional comma that is used to punctuate phrases. Women’s shoes with comma-shaped heels frequently have an eccentric flair.

With their J’Adior jodhpurs, which also have a kitten-height heel, Dior has lately brought them back.

12. Flare Heels

Flare Heels

Photo Credit: Shoe-tease

Flare heels resemble their denim namesake in form. In contrast to cone heels, they begin more narrowly where they are linked to the heel and broaden near the base.

They also rose to prominence in the 1970s, much like bell bottoms (or, perhaps more appropriately, flare jeans). In the 20teens, they just made a resurgence as ankle boots.

13. Square Heels

Square Heels

Photo Credit: Vnews.bksfe

Square heels are simple, functional, and fashionable, and they belong in every woman’s closet. The design of this heel is often thicker and has a rectangular base.

Square heels are typically thicker and comfier to stand in than block heels, enabling women to use them for extended periods without experiencing foot pain.

This footwear contrasts wonderfully with billowing skirts and dresses for added flare due to its sharp and pointy design.

14. French Heels

French Heels

Photo Credit: Americanduchess

French heels, which are eccentric just like comma stiletto, date back to the 18th century. The heel is designed to narrow at the midpoint, much like a girdle would tighten at the waist.

Typically, french heels are found on pumps with a pointy or scallop toe, which were preferred throughout King Louis’ reign.

Bouffant pumps, Louis stilettos, Antoinette stilettos, spool heels, and waisted heels are other names for French heels.

15. Cork Heels

Cork Heels

Photo Credit: Lyst

For springtime, cork heels are a must-have item of footwear since they provide a flexible women’s shoe which looks excellent with a variety of outfits.

These natural soled heels, which come in sandal, peep-toe, slip-on, and elegant closed-toe versions, can elevate your appearance.

These eco-chic essentials go well with everything from summer dresses to business attire and can be mixed with informal and smart casual looks to create the ideal ensemble.

16. Fantasy Heels

Fantasy Heels

Photo Credit: Elusiverabbit

The term “Fantasy Heels” refers to other heels that are so imaginative and different from the norm (very literally in this case). Because of how ornate they are, these heels are frequently referred to as decorative heels.

Consider wearing heels that are shaped like flowers or animals. Fantasy heels are often saved for special occasions and are more frequently seen on runways for haute couture and high fashion.

Fantasy heels have included several of the most exquisite and unusual heels ever made.

17. Spool Heels

Spool Heels

Photo Credit: Charleskeith

Spool heels are a sophisticated and distinctive women’s shoe form that originated in Europe in the 17th century. These practical evening pumps are shaped to resemble a wool spool or pinwheel and have a prominent flared heel.

They frequently have decorative accents on top and around the height of the heel. This footwear looks great with elegant clothing because of its distinct European flair, cinched appearance, and superior grip.


Q. What Are Concealed Heels?

Ans: Hidden heels are women’s shoes that are worn to increase one’s height by a few inches. They are the ideal size for flats, trainers, or boots.

Q. What types of Heels Should I Choose?

Ans: You should choose heels that complement your style and the event. For dinner dates, a gorgeous pair of stilettos are ideal, while Cuban heeled boots seem fantastic for city exploration. Square heels look wonderful with tailored pants in a professional setting, but anything shorter is a good choice if you’re going to a wedding so that you can hit the dance floor.

Q. What Do You Call Shorter High Heels?

Ans: They are called stilettos. Stiletto heels are shorter heels that are popular today. Height-wise, these are between 5 and 7 cm.

Q. Which Heel Style Is the Coziest?

Ans: In general, your heels will be more comfortable if they are lower and thicker. The stress on the balls of the feet is reduced, and your lower leg tissues are not forced to compensate to maintain balance. According to podiatrists, the optimal height is somewhere between one and two inches.

Q. How Can I Pick Cozy Heels?

Ans: Trying each heel is the greatest approach to picking comfortable heels. Think about how much time you’ll be wearing them, what surfaces you’ll be on, how much moving or having to stand you’ll be doing, and how frequently you already wear them.

Heels that are comfy for office or attending a social gathering will be distinct from those that are comfy for going on a dinner date. If you’ve never worn high heels, it’s a smart option to gradually move up to stilettos because they can be uncomfortable and may require some getting used to because they alter the way you walk.

Q. What Are the Distinctive Features of Wedges and Heels?

Ans: Women frequently prefer wedges and heels because they provide stylish options that go with a variety of clothes to create an elegantly stylish look. The shoe’s sole is what distinguishes wedges from heels.

While heels are raised at the rear and have a definite space in between the toe and heel, wedge heels feature a continuous, solid outsole that begins high at the heel and is thinned towards the toe.

Wedges are essential women’s shoes for the spring and early summer since they go well with summer dresses, khaki shorts, jeans, and beautiful tops. Pumps and heels are year-round choices that go well with a variety of outfits and reflect your style.

Q. What Are the Distinctive Features of Stilettos and Pumps?

Ans: The size of the heel is what distinguishes stilettos from pumps. Pumps often have a closed toe or peep toe and a short heel, but stilettos are a sort of high heel with a thin, long form. Stiletto heels look good with everything from smart casual to business dress for a polished appearance, while pumps go well with both informal and clever casual looks for an elegant and classy vibe.

Q. What Are the Distinctive Features of Pumps and Heels?

Ans: Pumps and heels come in a variety of styles that go well with many different outfits. Pumps and heels are two different types of heels; pumps have a low or no heel, while heels have high-heeled heels like stilettos.

High heels offer one to multiple inches of height, while short heels supply one to one and a half inches. In general, pumps are cozier and may be worn with casual attire, whereas various high heels offer a trendy appearance that goes well with casual wear to formal looks.

Q. What are Dutch heels?

Ans: Dutch heel has a square heel and a rectangle cap. It adds a sophisticated appeal to casual or business attire.

Q. Can You Wear High Heels Comfortably?

Ans: When heels are worn properly they become more comfortable. You’ll need to strengthen your stamina if all you wear are flats or joggers. Wearing heels alters your gait, posture, and foot structure.

To aid in maintaining your balance, choose footwear with more cushioning, a platform underneath the bottom of the foot, and thicker heels. Constantly put the heels inside out to prevent painful blisters, and straps can enhance comfort and stability.


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