Best Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots!


Here in this blog, you find the best 25 ideas of dresses to wear with cowboy boots!


As a woman, you want to wear something iconic, historical, yet stylish to vamp up your looks, right? And Western boots come to mind, even though not first, but they are the ones to be worn for an elegant look!

However, there’s a depth of the ocean in understanding the ideal dresses to wear with Western boots. They can go well with casual and formal attires, but the question is what combination of dresses anyone can wear with cowboy boots?

To make your cowboy boots feel more than just a style, we’ve structured this outfit guide accordingly. So, skim the content until the end and become acquainted with the most outstanding outfit ideas you’ve ever come across!

Difference Between Cowgirl Boots and Cowboy Boots?

We know that it’s a pretty perplexing subject to come across two terms concerning gender. The cowgirl boots are nothing but a woman or a female version of Western boots. So, it can be called a cowboy boot exclusively designed for women!

Also, certain factors precisely differentiate men’s Western boots from women’s Western boots. To begin with, the shape and height of the heel are different in both. Women’s Western boots generally have higher heels than men’s cowboy boots.

However, women are also available with shorter heel options here. Overall, women’s Western boots are also available with more options for heel forms than men’s Western boots. The shape of women’s Western boots is more diverse comparatively.

The maximum heel height of Western boots for men is 2 inches, whereas it is 3.5 inches full for women. There is a difference in the preference regarding the shape of cowboy boots.

Among the three types of Western boots available, women mostly prefer to go for snip toes, pointed toes, and round toes, whereas men prefer wearing square and wide square toe-shaped Western boots. And traditional cowboy boot lovers also go for round-toe and pointed-toe shapes.

Men’s cowboy boots are generally built from genuine leather, such as bull hide, cowhide, and exotic leather. On the other hand, you will rarely find a women’s cowboy boot built from exotic leather. Women’s cowboy boots are mostly made from cowhide material.

Lastly, there’s a difference in design in both Western boots. The Western boots for men are usually wild and robust designs with fewer textures. Additionally, the design of women’s cowboy boots is more feminine, lovely, and diverse.

Widely Loved Cowboy Boots Style For Women?

Women can embrace wearing different styles of shoes as follows:

There are different types, designs, or styles of cowboy shoes available such as traditional cowboy shoes, roper boots, stockman, buckaroo, short western boots, and cowboy work boots. Let’s understand these styles regarding women’s style guides before knowing what dresses to wear with cowboy boots!

1. Traditional Cowboy Boots

Traditional Cowboy Boots

Image Source: Stylicy

The traditional cowboy boots are designed in a pointed-toe shape with a maximum of 2 inches underslung and high heel. They are safe and properly balanced and thus are used for typical cowboy riding.

However, traditional Western boots are available with fewer variations and are favored mainly by men. And, you will find heel heights up to inches if you’re looking for traditional Western boots for women. They are more evolved and transformed comparatively.

2. Short Cowboy Boots

Short Cowboy Boots

Image Source: Empow’Her

As the name suggests, these are ankle-length cowboy boots designed exclusively for women. And, you will mostly notice these short booties in what dresses to wear with cowboy boots. Women prefer to wear them a lot!

3. Roper Boots

Roper Boots

Image Source: Sainik School Rewa

This is one of the recent evolutions of traditional cowboy boots. These boots were first spotted in rodeos when calf roping became quite famous. They are designed for cowboys to chase the desired comfort.

Also, women’s roper boots are a bit taller than ones designed for men. And you can identify these boots as they are a little taller than ankle-length cowboy boots.

4. Stockman


Image Source: Ariat International

Like others, stockman boots are available for both men and women. Also, they are readily available in highly feminine, colorful, and intense looks.

25 Best Dresses To Wear With Cowboy Boots (Best Outfit Ideas)

Suppose you’ve got an invitation and the theme is ‘cowboy’! Now, what? Well, you can pair up your dresses with cowboy boots and just rock the party. Go through the adorable list of dresses to wear with cowboy boots below and check what suits you the best!

1. Style Them With Joggers!


Image Source: Popsugar

Joggers are all-time favorite dresses to wear with cowboy boots. We know that we’re starting with a bit of an informal look, but it’s worth it! Wear this pair if you want to make it an OTT or outlandish outfit. Despite giving a sporty look, it also represents your belief and confidence in the natural fashion segment.

2. Combine The Midi Dress And Blazer For A Modern Cowboy Look!


Image Source:

If you’ve already desired to pair a blazer and a midi dress with your cowboy boots, it’s terrific! And, if you haven’t, it’s the right era to do so! And, it doesn’t look even a single portion asymmetrical to the eyes. This dress is cute for making a perfect date and a fantastic first impression.

3. Try Asymmetry Too!


Image Source: Pinterest

Pair any asymmetrical dress is an excellent option to wear with cowboy boots. Also, this type of outfit is a very comfortable all-day-long wearing outfit. A perfect summer city looks with a touch of boho jewelry, neutral makeup, and hair styling can anyone let go nuts over you!

4. What About Mom Jeans?


Image Source: The Styling Dutchman

Blue or black mom jeans give you a feminine look. If you wear this dress with cowboy boots. Even though it gives an elderly look, it never goes out of fashion! You can wear a round-neck t-shirt or a polo shirt above to go well-dressed and chase attractive compliments. And, for an ideal feminine cowboy look, don’t forget a matching rancher hat!

5. Contrast Them With All Black!


Image Source: Pinterest

It’s time to try an all-black dress code that looks appealing and simply wear them with a contrasting pair of cowboy boots. You can also pair them with black jeggings and underplay everything else.

6. Try a Bridal Dress!

Bridal Dress

Since brides are not shying away from the idea of representing a sporty look, we guess it’s even better to surprise everyone with a matching pair of cowboy boots combined with your bridal dress. It’s fun and authentic to embrace wholeheartedly on your special occasion.

7. Never Go Out Of Style With An Off-Shoulder Dress!


Image Source: Lonestar Southern

Off-shoulders are one of the style icons of the season. You can pair any color of an off-shoulder dress with a contrasting cowboy boots combo and never look back! You can wear an off-shoulder top or an off-shoulder skirt with those booties.

8. Knee High Cowboy Boots With A Sweater Dress


Image Source: Amazon

Get those chilly days fully rocking with a cozy knitted sweater dress and a contrasting pair of cowboy boots! Believe us that this is one of the coziest dresses to wear with cowboy boots this winter. Also, make sure to pair only contrasting bottoms with the dress.

9. One-Piece Vintage Dress With Cowboy Boots


Image Source: Edit by Lauren

Pairing vintage with a country-theme party is always within the industry style icon! This dress screams loudly about the uniqueness and modern cowboy look. You need to grab a one-piece vintage dress, tie your hair with a bandana, showcase a tote bag, and feel like a diva from another world.

10. Love To Try Turquoise Outfits!


Image Source: Pinterest

Cowboy boots with turquoise outfits are a real thing! You can go all out with a jacket, leather skirt, and old-school sunglasses with a heavy ponytail. And we believe that it cannot get better than this turquoise outfit pairing idea!

11. Bootleg Pants are a Good Choice!


Image Source: Wrangler

Retouch yourself with Hollywood glamor this season! Start by wearing bootleg pants, a matching top, an oversized coat upwards, and ankle-length cowboy boots. Oh, and don’t forget to tie your hair with a silk scarf!

12. Show Your Cowboy Look With A Printed Midi Dress


Image Source: Anicolettas’ Boutique

Give the cowboy look trend a 360-degree spin with a pair of white cowboy boots and a matching mini-dress! Make sure to tweak a flirty mini-dress to have a proud moment ahead.

13. T-shirt + Structured Jacket + Shorts


Image Source: PureWow

There’s a definite chance to pair your shorts with cowboy boots, which will look just fab! The formula here is to choose polished shorts and boots, whether in suede or black leather material. Think of non-washed or clean denim options in shorts. You can also style it with longer hem lengths and top it off with a structured jacket or an oversized blazer.

14. You Can Be All White!


Image Source: Stylecraze

Take a white top, a white skirt, and a pair of white cowboy boots, and you’re all good to go to slay your day! It is the outfit everyone will love even if they practice the most minimal fashion manners. You can play around with different subtle patterns or textures like white and silver snakeskin or a pair of denim western boots. This way, you’re adding some depth to the look!

15. Style With A Patterned Skirt And White Button-Up Shirt


Image Source: Popsugar

Make a standout style icon with a patterned skirt and a white button-up shirt with a contrasting pair of black western boots. This is how to style cowboy boots with pattern skirts. They can go as easily and are fantastic to wear with button-up shirts, preferably in white color.

16. Go With Myriad Kinds of Clothing!


Image Source: Myriad Musings

Formal tops and trousers can be one of the best dresses with western boots. It is also suitable for any event or destination you’re preparing for! There are many online stores where you can buy this myriad collection of the latest and trending formal dresses.

17. Pair Your Cowboy Boots With Yellow Dress!


Image Source: Pinterest

A combination of a yellow shirt dress and a contrasting pair of western boots looks just dope! Since the color yellow gives a universal summery vibe, it can quickly spruce up your looks throughout the day.

18. Frayed Denim Shorts With Cowboy Boots!


Image Source: Yahoo

Set a casual chic vibe to your outfit with frayed denim shorts, a tucked-in shirt, and well-off cowboy shoes pair. It can be another trending version of the modern cowboy look which you can easily pair with a graphic T-shirt for good measure.

19. Shirt + Rancher Hat + Cowboy Boots = 100% Cowboy Look!


This is the ideal pick if you wish to style like basics! Instead of going all western, you can grab a mix of brown or black cowboy boots plus a heavy fabric shirt dress and top it off with a rancher hat for a relaxed vibe. It gives a trending cowboy look and a city chic style to embrace!

20. Have You Wandered A Leather Belt And A Silky Midi Dress?


Image Source: PureWow

This is only dope if you haven’t thought of this combination even until now! Style yourself with a silky midi dress, leather belt, and rugged dark-colored contrasting cowboy shoes Wearing a dress with a hem is an impressive idea to enhance your overall beauty.

21. Cowboy Hat + Denim Jacket


Image Source: Wheretoget

When it comes to styling cowboy hats, wearing denim jackets can never go out of fashion and instead be always embraced to present yourself in a chic cowboy look. This dress code will give you a boost of confidence too in public.

22. Wear Up With Fitted Shorts And Shirts


Image Source: Pinterest

Pick a fitted shirt and shorts in those hot summer seasons and achieve a traditional cowboy look! This is also one of the trending dresses to wear with cowboy shoes.

23. Try Denim Jumpsuit To Wear With Cowboy Boots!


Image Source: Wheretoget

Pay close attention to this style statement of wearing a denim jumpsuit with a contrasting pair of cowboy shoes! You can wear white rancher hats with dark-colored blue or black denim jumpsuits. Implement your imagination and pair something fantastic with cowboy hats.

24. Cowboy Boots And Skinny Jeans Make An Excellent Pair!


Image Source: BCulinary Lab

Skinny jeans can easily flaunt your outfit with cowboy booties. Here, it’s better if you choose knee-high cowboy shoes to wrap them around. Plaid shirts are also an excellent fit for this outfit.

25. Cowboy Boots + Floral Short or Long Dress = Great Look!


Image Source: Pinterest

The pair of cowboy shoes and floral skirts gives a mix of masculine or feminine vibe to your overall cowboy look. To further enhance your look, you can add various statement pieces like boho pieces to the outfit. Well, you can go with any statement piece for either neck or ear. Don’t go for too much!

Final Words

So, we have wrapped up our list of the 25 best dresses to wear with cowboy boots. Try out the above-mentioned collections to embrace yourself with a cowboy look. For a true cowboy style, it’s impressive to pair your dresses with rancher hats along with cowboy boots.

And, representing traits like inner strength, respect, determination, and camaraderie can also align with the authentic cowboy look.


Q. How do you wear cowboy boots after 50?

Ans. Choose ankle-length boots to wear after your 50s. However, there’s no question of age to style yourself with Western boots. You can style them the way you wish to! Scroll above to check all our 25 selections of dresses to wear with Western boots.

Q. Do my tuck pants match cowboy boots?

Ans. Well, it depends upon the type of dress you’re wearing. Let’s suppose you’re wearing a skirt, then the question of tucking in pants doesn’t arise. In other scenarios, tucking jeans into your Western boots is a rare style. Either woman go for ankle-length Western boots, or they wear knee-high boots and tuck skinny jeans into them.

Q. What do girl cowboys wear?

Ans. As mentioned above, a cowgirl look can be created better with women’s Western boots. To get a natural cowboy style, you can try all the above-listed collections and the best combos of dresses.

Q. What do cowboy boots say about a woman?

Ans. Those are bold women who choose to wear Western boots. They also help you present a unique, hard-to-miss, and confident personality.

Q. How do I look like a cowgirl?

Ans. To look like a cowgirl, your outfit should represent both practical and fashionable attire. You need to blend both femininity and masculinity traits in your outfit. Check out this article on how you can master cowgirl look in-depth!

Q. How do you wear cowboy boots and not look like a cowboy?

Ans. There’s a factor or element, i.e., Western boots in your outfit, not to forget the cowboy look. Thus, you need to choose different boots to not look like a cowboy.

Q. Do cowgirls wear makeup?

Ans. The real cowgirls wear less to no makeup. However, little touches of makeup can be done to make your dress even sexier.

Q. What was the cowboy code?

Ans. The cowboy code of the west is as follows:

  • Live your every day with courage
  • Always finish what you begin
  • Take pride in work
  • Do what needs to be done!

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