How To Wash Allbirds (2024 Step By Step Guide)

How To Wash Allbirds?

Hey there! Welcome to How To Wash Allbirds Kigo Footwear. Here’s a step-by-step guide on How To Wash Allbirds shoes and keep them clean. so without wasting time let’s dive into this blog.


Allbirds has been around for quite a few years now, and there are many things unique about this company. The company was launched in 2014 and has been famous for making the world’s most comfortable shoes or sneakers.

Their very excellent or clever product: merino wool shoes are surprisingly made of excellent material suitable for athletics performance. They have high flexibility and sweat-wicking capacities with incredible breathing fabric.

While a comfortable and durable product, they don’t generally come up with auto-cleaning capabilities. However, no footwear comes with that! Luckily, washing Allbirds is quite an effortless process, but most of you may not know the most innovative ways possible.

We’re going to discuss several steps manually and use specific cleaning products in this guide on how to wash Allbirds shoes quite smartly. So, let’s begin without any further delay!

How To Wash Allbirds By Hands?

Wash Shoes By Hands

The ideal; way to get your Allbirds clean without ever destroying them is to hand wash them. This will help you to reduce their chances of damage when being washed. And, hand washing is easy to do. Let’s look at the simple steps:

  1. Remove the insoles and laces and start washing them separately.
  2. Take a soft brush to clean any extra mud or dirt from the stained area.
  3. Fill a small bucket with water and mild soap.
  4. Dip your shoes in soapy water.
  5. Leave it the same for about 20 minutes and then rinse under cold water.
  6. Now, air dry your Allbirds shoes in a well-ventilated area.

Thus, even if you’re not washing the shoes regularly, you should brush your shoes like this every 2-3 months to let them clean in between washings.

Wash Your Insoles, Laces Of Allbirds Shoes

Below, we will discuss how to wash Allbirds shoe’s insoles & laces so don’t miss any steps. The insoles in Allbirds are made from wool and castor bean oil-based insole foam. Therefore, they should be gently hand-washed to prevent damage to the foam.

As you’re trying to wash the Allbirds shoes entirely, you’ve already taken out the laces and insoles of the shoes. So let’s move ahead to hand wash them!

The insoles are created from foam, but they also contain plant oils, so you have to be careful while washing. The insoles’ upper layer is merino wool, which can shrink if you don’t follow proper care instructions.

We always suggest that you hand wash your insoles. Check out our quick guide on how to clean Allbirds as follows:

1: Take out insoles from your Allbirds shoes.

2: Take a clean bowl and pour in the soapy water.

3: Remove the excess dirt or mud from the insoles via brush before washing them.

4: Dip the insoles and laces in the soapy water for about 15 minutes.

5: Use a soft brush or cloth to work on any stained areas.

6: Rinse the insoles and laces under cold water.

7: Now, air-dry the laces and insoles on a clothes hanger.

How To Wash Allbirds Laces?

How To Wash Allbirds Laces

  • You need to begin at the top of a shoe and work one lace out of each hole while you’re at the bottom.
  • Repeat this procedure with the lace’s other end. Here, you need to pull the top out of the top hole while working its way downwards.
  • Pull the lace completely out of the bottom hole. Do this procedure on repeat for each shoe to remove the laces.
  • You cannot wash Allbirds’ laces without destroying the material. Consider replacing the laces if they’re filthy—a new set will only cost around $10 (USD).

How To Wash Allbirds Insoles?

How To Wash Allbirds Insoles

  • Lift the tongue for your first shoe upwards and away from the shoe insoles.
  • Pull lightly on the two sides of the shoe to open the middle up slightly.
  • Take the tip of your dominant index finger to dig under the shoe insole, where it rests between the ankle and the heel.
  • Once the insole’s back is pulled up a little, lift the entire piece out of the shoe. Repeat this process on the other shoe.
  • Similar to the laces, Allbirds insoles are not designed to be washed. If the inside of your shoes is especially gnarly, consider replacing them entirely. A new set will only cost around $15 (USD).

How To Wash Allbirds in Washing Machines?

How To Wash Allbirds By Washing Machine


After you’ve considered the option of manual cleaning, you can also go for knowing how to clean Allbirds via a washing machine. However, it is suggested that you place your Allbirds shoes in a mesh or delicate bag to keep their wool safe from snagging.

The delicate bag is also a zipper, lingerie, or wash bag. You can skip the step if you already have a laundry bag. Given below are the quick steps if you’ve placed your shoes in a mesh bag or a laundry bag.

The best way to wash clothes and shoes is by hand, but here we are going to share steps on how to wash & keep clean Allbirds shoes with a washing machine without harm. you were asked many times How To Wash Allbirds. so your wait now finally end. as title include step by step, below we’ve explained all steps. must check.

#Step 1: Put your shoes in a washing machine without any other clothes if you’re using a mesh bag or a laundry bag. And, it is not recommended to put on other clothes with shoes if you’re not using a backpack.

Note: Don’t put anything else with the shoes in a delicate bag. The Allbirds recommends using a linen bag for the same.

#Step 2: Add a tiny amount of mild detergent or washing powder to the washing machine. Use your average amount of detergent depending on how complete your machine is if you’re washing a full load.

Or, fill the cap of the detergent bottle up to the first hash mark if you’re washing the boots alone. Only use a mild laundry detergent to clean your Allbirds shoes.


  • You should not use the detergent pods unless it’s vital. The detergent may be too strong or harsh for the Allbirds shoes.
  • The cap shouldn’t have solid markings for measuring detergent, so you should fill it 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5.1 cm) with detergent.
  • Also, avoid using any fabric softener in the load.

Step 3: Set the water temperature to the coldest setting. However, there’s no issue if you have a specific laundry cycle that will personalize the water temperature settings for automatic washes like ‘delicate’ or ‘cool.’

This is good since an automated cycle in one of the relevant categories will automatically use cold water. If you have manual water temperature settings, turn the dial to the coldest setting.

Note: The wool could shrink if you wash your Allbirds shoes in warmer water!

Step 4: To wash your shoes, you need to turn the dial to the gentle, wool, or delicate cycle. You may have a dedicated wool setting in case you have got a new washing machine.

If you don’t, turn the dial to “delicate” or “gentle” Start your machine and let the cycle go through to completion before removing your shoes. As long as you use a gentle cycle and cold water, you can wash your shoes multiple times to remove the hard stains.

Note: Never use bleach on your Allbirds. Bleach will permanently damage the fabric and color of your shoes. Wash the insoles and laces of your Allbirds shoes separately by hand. Here all four steps we have discussed above are very important. make sure you read it step by step other you guys will ask us in the comment box how to wash Allbirds properly.

Remove Odors From Allbirds Using These Home Remedies!

Sometimes your Allbirds start to stink even after your continuous cleaning processes. This could be due to humid weather or other reasons for which you don’t have to worry as we’re going to suggest some of the best home remedies that remove odors from the Allbirds.

1. Dryer Sheets

Put a dryer sheet in each Allbird shoe overnight and clean them in the morning. Your Alllbirds shouldn’t be there with a nasty odor now and maybe picked up a lemony-fresh or lavender scent.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda can fix various issues. Simply spray a particular amount into your shoes and leave it as is overnight. Then, shake out any extra dirt in the morning and wear your shoes as normal.

3. Rubbing Vinegar or Alcohol

Take a soft towel and dampen it slightly with vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Wipe off the shoe’s inner part with the cloth, and the odor should be removed.

A Checklist To Remember

  • To remember how to tie shoelaces again, take a picture of the shoes of the Allbirds, and untie their laces (on all Allbirds wool runners, Allbirds tree runners, and Allbirds tree skippers – the Allbirds wool lounger does not have laces).
  • Put the shoelaces and insoles back inside the shoes using the picture captured.

What Detergent To Use To Wash Allbirds Shoes and Insoles?

Our recommendation is to was your Allbirds shoes with Woolite Dark.

We recommend washing Allbirds shoes’ insoles with Oxiclean.

And you can use a Magic Eraser to clean the shoe soles. This works fantastic on any shoe, and not just Allbirds!


1 – Can You Put Allbirds in the Dryer?

You should say ‘No’ to putting your Allbirds shoes in the dryer as it will permanently destroy their grace and fabric.

However, you can let your shoes air-dry in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours.  Once the washing is done, set your shoes out next to a fan, open a window, or on your porch. Let them naturally dry on their own and wait at least 24 hours. If you can, let them stay out of the intense heat or sun rays while they dry.

2 – How To Wash Allbirds With Multiple Pairs Together?

Yes, it’s possible to wash multiple pairs of Allbirds together provided you’re using the gentle cycle and not putting other clothes along with the shoes. Use multiple linen bags for washing. Also, you should always remember to use cold water for washing or cleaning the Allbirds shoes.

3 – Are my Allbirds Washable?

Yes, the Allbirds shoes are washable. Allbirds use only the nature of materials to make their shoes comfortable and easy to clean for everyone. For this purpose, we’ve described both the manual and washing machine cleaning processes of Allbirds shoes.

4 – Can You Bleach White Allbirds?

No! They will transform into an ugly pinkish color. It’s hard to capture them, but in reality, you can tell their off-color image. Wash them as you would all the other shoes of Allbirds.

5 – Are Allbirds Waterproof?

No, Allbirds Wool Runners aren’t waterproof. Allbirds Mizzles have a water repellent coating, so they are the best option in the rain. Even when your feet get a bit wet in my Allbirds as merino wool is moisture licking, you won’t find it uncomfortable.

6 – Can I Wash my Shoe Insoles in Washing Machine?

If the insoles come out, you can put them in a delicate laundry bag and wash them on a delicate cycle.

7 – Do Allbirds Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Our products do not come with a warranty, however, we are happy to discuss quality concerns with you on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to if you have a question about how the shoes are worn, and please include any pictures that might help us assist you!

Final Words

By following these tips, you can safely consider how to wash Allbirds when they inevitably get smelly and take them back to their normal life! If you have any questions you can always reach out to us, we’re more than happy to help!

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