How to Wash Tennis Shoes: The Definitive Guide 2024

What is a Tennis Shoe? How To Wash Tennis Shoes?


Keeping your tennis shoes away from dirty places is like a hard nut to crack. It becomes worse when you don’t even know how to wash tennis shoes. Then trust me, read this post and continue.

The secret about cleaning a tennis shoe is not hidden somewhere in the treasure; it is near you, and you have to recognize or guess it.

So, can you guess it?

It is maintenance! Maintaining a tennis shoe can increase its life, and at the same time, it will not change its shape. But, how will you maintain it? It’s simple, you have to clean it as per the need.

For example – if you step into a muddy or unclean place, you should take the time to wipe your shoes down immediately.

In this way, you can keep away the stains, dirt, and mud before they are set on the shoes. So, let’s know more about tennis shoes and their washing tips.

What is a tennis shoe?

Tennis Shoe


Most people wear regular shoes for many reasons. But tennis shoes are known as athletic shoes, and one can use them only on table courts. Did you get that?

They are crafted by using the durable rubber sole and flexible upper material. That means they are comfortable to wear and complete the tasks.

But, you know what, many tennis shoes include other materials like foam. The foam layers with other materials are used in shoemaking to support your foot and ankle for extreme physical tasks.

If you go to the market, there are a variety of tennis shoes you will see in different colors and designs. You can choose one created to help calf muscles, burn calories, and more. In addition to that, tennis shoes for cross trainers are also available.

On top of that, if you don’t want to tie a shoelace and avoid tennis shoes for that, then you can now go with slip-on tennis shoes. These shoes are now available at your nearest offline stores or online shopping websites.

Besides that, waterproof tennis shoes are also available in the market, with thicker and more durable soles. So, you can rely on these shoes to secure your feet from the outer elements without worrying about the shoe’s condition.

Step-By-Step Process: How to wash tennis shoes


Shoe washing techniques differ from person to person. The methods change from using a toothbrush to washing your shoes, soaking them in a washing machine, and by hand. These techniques are suitable when you want to remove stains from your shoes.

But, before that, you should know what you will need to wash your tennis shoes. The first step is to get all the cleaning supplies in one place. But, don’t forget that the things you are collecting should be suitable for your tennis shoe material. I will check them out one by one, but the basic needs are below. So, stay tuned and read carefully!

  • Toothbrush
  • Laundry detergent
  • Soft shoe brush
  • Mild soap
  • Warm water
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish detergent
  • Clean, soft cloth or rags

So, if you are ready with all the above materials, start washing your tennis shoes like the following.

First, you should look at the washing instructions given by the shoe manufacturer and check if there is any warning. If something is given about the washing steps or other notifications for materials to protect, then follow the instructions. Otherwise, you can go further with our ideas.

Removing laces

Laces are important while washing. There are higher chances of laces tangling with each other during the washing process, and it will prevent your shoes from opening fully and rinsing thoroughly. Therefore, you should remove the laces before washing them. Also, take out the insoles and if they are not coming out, leave them as it is. Because a few insoles are non-removable.

So, once you remove the laces and insoles, wash them outside with cool water. It will help them remove the soil or dirt if present there. You can use baking soda if your insoles are smelling. You can do this even if you are not washing your shoes.

Remove stains

Now, you have to treat the stains. Make a combination of baking soda (2 tablespoons), liquid dish detergent (2/3 drops), and water. Then, use your toothbrush and rub your shoe stains. After that, wait for at least five or ten minutes. Now, clean it with a microfiber cloth.

These are the standard washing procedures used to wash your shoes.

There are other methods too you should see and try.

Best Washing Techniques

Shoe Cleaning Kit

Whether you are using the machine, washer, or your own hands to clean your shoes, make use of cold or warm water. But, don’t use the hot water; it can melt the glue that bound your shoe parts together. Avoid using vinegar, bleach, or liquid laundry detergent. After this, you are all set to learn the different washing methods starting from the below.

How to wash tennis shoes in the washing machine?

It is no longer a mystery about “how to wash tennis shoes in a washer or washing machine?”

However, most people don”t know about it. Well, cleaning your shoes with a washer is the easiest method one can use. The reason is that they can bear the pressure of any lifestyle, and then the shoe collects dirt, odor, and bacteria. However, you have to take care of your shoes while putting them into the washing machines. Here’s what you should not do while cleaning them in the washer.

  • Avoid the use of hot water cycles
  • Don’t add leather clothes or suede shoes to the washer
  • Avoid powder detergent
  • Avoid placing your shoes into the washer without removing the shoelace

So, let’s take a walk on how to wash your tennis shoes using washing machines.

I have said earlier that you should check the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer with shoes. It is vital because you cannot just throw shoes in the washer.

Remove laces and insoles

It is necessary to remove your shoelaces before putting them into the washing machine. It will prevent your shoes from wrapping together while moving in the washing machine.

Use mesh bag

Using the mesh garment bag for washing shoes in the washer can help prevent your shoes from getting damaged. Also, it allows them to get clean easily and securely with other things of clothing.

Clean your soles and insoles

You should clean your soles and insoles if they are dirty with a suede scrub. Or you can use the soft brush and clean the extra dirt and filth from your shoes.

Set the washing machine set to the cold water cycle

Hot water can harm your shoe shape and ultimately damage the shoes. Therefore, avoid using hot water. Please wash your tennis shoes with cold water and go with the slow-spin option. It will help you with two things. First, it will protect the shoe from getting banged up, and second, it will come out by washing thoroughly.

Dry your tennis shoes

You should avoid using a dryer unless you have a dryer frame because the tumbling or heat can damage your shoes.

However, if you want to use a dryer, you can! But, make sure you will use it properly. You should wrap the shoes with an old towel and create a delegate or air fluff setting, as it will help secure them from damage and dry quickly. Note that the proper drying can take at least 24 hours.

How to wash tennis shoes by hand?

So, if you have time and want to clean your tennis shoes by yourself, you can use the hand method for washing. Similarly, you can use this method if you don’t want to throw your special tennis shoes in the washing machine. You can follow the simple way of washing your shoes with your hands.

Get a bucket or a sink full of warm water and laundry detergent. Now rinse your shoes. You can use the toothbrush to clean dirt build-up on your tennis shoes. After that, you can keep it for air-drying.

How do you dry tennis shoes?

I suggest that you avoid placing your tennis shoes in the dryer again and again. Do you get confused about how to dry them?

For starters, if you have a dryer frame under your dryer, you can only use your dryer with tennis shoes. But, make sure it is your last option when you don’t find any best.

Check out the following procedure to dry your tennis shoes.

  • Make sure you remove the shoelace and insole at the start.
  • Wrap your tennis shoes with a towel or a newspaper. They will absorb the moisture and keep your shoe shape as it is.
  • If possible, keep your shoes by a heat source or air passage. If you can’t do that, keep your tennis shoes in a dry place where they can come into contact with air. Even the position of a fan can do its job and dry your shoes, so you don”t have to worry about it.
  • Keep a paper under the shoes if you want to dry them from the inside as well.


1. How to keep your tennis shoes maintained?

The first thing to maintain your tennis shoes is – that you need a soft scrub brush to keep them clean or remove the dirt and dust from the shoes. Ensure that you are properly keeping them while getting out of the closet or shoe rack.

You can use a damp washcloth if the brush is not working correctly. Use a bit of warm water to remove the dirt and other messes.

If you don’t want to wear your tennis shoes for a specific duration, use a newspaper or shoe tree to maintain the shape.

2. How to keep your tennis shoes safe?

Depending on its material, you should add a shoe spray or waterproofing to keep your tennis shoe safe. It will form a thin film on your shoe to keep away the daily dirt and dust. Easily, you can keep it clean, preventing stains. If you have waterproof shoes, make sure to add waterproofing elements to keep your shoe safe.

3. Where to store your tennis shoes?

It’s widespread to keep your shoes in the closet away from the heating vents or radiators. You can also use the temperature-maintained room to keep your shoes away from any damage. A sealed bag or shoebox is another better option to keep your tennis shoe away from dust and dirt.


So, that’s done for now! You learned about the complete process of cleaning your tennis shoes.

Next time when you want to wash your tennis shoes, keep this blog in mind and do it like a pro.

Our team has created this blog with full details, including how to wash your tennis shoes, different washing techniques, and the drying process.

With this, I hope you liked this blog and understood how, the after and before, processes are involved in the tennis shoe.


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