How To Wash Shoes In Washing Machine: Kigo Footwear’s Guide

How To Wash Shoes In Washing Machine?

Shoe Cleaning Guide: How to Wash Shoes in Washing Machine

How smelly or muddy are your shoes? You don’t just dump your foul-smelling shoes and switch on the cleaning machine. Here’s a step-wise shoe care guide on how to wash shoes in the washing machine.

A. Wipe off mud or dust

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Are your shoes too muddy? To start off, wipe off the mud using a wet piece of cloth. On the other hand, you can use a brush to get rid of the excess dirt from your shoes. I propose you consider beating the shoes together to get rid of all the dried mud or dust from them.

B. Remove laces from your shoes

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It makes perfect sense to remove the shoelaces before you put the shoes in the washing machine. This step is especially important if the shoes are dirtier than the laces. Apart from that, it ensures that the machine thoroughly cleans the inner part of the shoes.

C. Put your shoes in a clean pillowcase

shoes in a clean pillowcase

The third step is to put your shoes in a pillowcase after removing the laces. We recommend you either use a pillowcase or a mesh bag to prevent tangling. You need to make sure that you seal the top properly.

D. Cushion your shoes with a towel

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Before you place the shoes in the washing machine, I urge you to add a towel to cushion the shoes during machine washing. Another reason for stuffing the towel is for water absorption purposes to ensure your shoes remain dry.

E. Add detergent to the dispenser drawer

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This has to be the most important step that you must take note of by all means. Any expert guiding listeners on how to wash shoes in a washing machine must specify how much detergent is enough.1-2 tablespoons of liquid detergent is enough for washing the shoes.

I robustly advise against using a fabric softener as a detergent as it leaves behind a residue. Sad to say, this residue may easily attract dirt to your clean shoes.

F. Remove shoes and laces from a machine for drying

The last step is to pull out both the shoes and the shoelaces from the washing machine. Position your shoes in a suitable open-air location to dry slowly. Resist the urge to place your shoes in the sun as the harsh rays may start bleaching.

Avoid These Mistakes When You Clean Your Shoes in a Washer

Roughly 65 % of people make costly mistakes whenever they wash their shoes in a washing machine. In view of this, I beseech you to focus your attention on some of these mistakes for a minute.

1. Washing non-washable shoes

Shoe owners must never forget that not all shoes can be washed using a machine. The main reason for this is that the fabric may get permanently damaged. Therefore, no matter what, always read manufacturer information before you wash your shoes.

2. Failure to research how to wash shoes in a dryer

You need to research widely on how to wash shoes in washing machines with pillowcases. Don’t just operate your washing machine blindly assuming it’s too simple. Make a point of finding out the stepwise process to follow.

3. Disregarding manufacturer directions

Shoe manufacturers imprint crucial information on each of their shoes for a worthy reason. For example, they may warn you against washing your shoes using a washer. I politely encourage you to read these instructions carefully before you make a blunder.

4. Using hot water for machine washing

At no time should you use either hot or warm water to machine wash your shoes. Research proves that warm water warps the shoes. In worst cases, hot water damages the show fabrics hence distorting the shoe design for good.

5. Not removing shoelaces

Do not dump your shoes into the washing machine with the laces still unremoved. Furthermore, you should equally remove the inner sole and thoroughly hand wash it. Aside from that, please put the laces in a different pillowcase for machine washing.

6. Using powdered detergent

Experienced shoe cleaners advise you to contemplate using liquid detergent. Time and time again, powdered detergent may not dissolve properly in water. You can dissolve the powder detergent separately if you don’t have liquid detergent.

Those are just a few of the common mistakes people make when washing their shoes using a machine. In light of this, you need to take the initiative and research more on how to wash shoes in a washing machine.

Benefits Of Washing Your Shoes In a Machine

I) Saves you time

For the most part, washers save shoe owners a lot of time. In most cases, this washing machine can clean your shows in under 40 minutes. Does it sound too good to be true? The spellbinding part is that you can wash 3 pairs of shoes at ago.

II) Washes shoes thoroughly

Ensure you set the washing machine to a gentle option before starting the machine washing. Remember to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of detergent to the machine. The sanitizer will remove dirt, bacteria, and stubborn stains.

Do you have stained canvas shoes at home? Take advantage of this accurate information on how to wash canvas shoes in a washing machine. You won’t believe how spotless your shoes will become after cleaning them in the washer.

III) Removes awful pungent smell

Studies disclosed that human feet have over 200,000 sweat glands. Whenever you wear a pair of shoes, you confine these glands hence triggering sweating. Bacteria get attracted to moist surroundings. The only negative thing is that these bacteria are to blame for the loathsome smell.

IV) Disinfects the shoes

Dirty and sweaty shoes contain multiple harmful microorganisms such as bacteria. Washing machines capitalize on detergents to kill all these injurious microorganisms. Recall that manufacturers add multiple chemicals such as alkalis for sanitization purposes.

Why Do We Need To Keep Our Shoes Clean?

Whenever you look at someone’s shoe, you can tell a lot about him or her. For instance, if you see someone in well-polished shoes, he or she gives you the impression that they’re hygienic.

Contrariwise, a person in dirty and tattered clothes makes you think that he or she is irresponsible. That said, let me let you know why you ought to keep your shoes clean at all times. They include:

1. No one likes smelly shoes

Of late global climate change has led to a crazy rise in temperature. Therefore, sweating is nearly inevitable whether you put on your socks or not. Dirty shoes will make your feet smelly and also create more foot problems like athlete’s foot, infections, and many more.

To avoid this, you need to clean your shoes regularly. That’s not enough, put your shoes in the open space for air-drying.

2. To keep germs out of your home

Sadly enough, we unknowingly transport viruses, bacteria, and other minute organisms using dirty shoes. Professions such as construction and cleaning work expose you to a higher risk of accumulating germs.

Therefore, you must clean your shoes every time you get home from work. Don’t just use water and a piece of cloth alone; it’s best you add detergent as well.

3. Saves you energy

Filthy shoes will not only dirty the floor but also the carpets. Because of this, you’ll need to clean it every so often when your carpet accumulates too much filth. Apart from that, there will be no need to use an air freshener to freshen up your house.

4. Increase overall shoe lifespan

Washing the shoes regularly enhances the durability of the shoes. Dirty shoes tend to break much easier. The more regularly you clean your shoes, the more you can detect any small wear and tear and seek repair services in time.

5. Saves you time

Imagine if your supervisor summoned you to the office on short notice during the weekend. How long will it take to get prepared? One thing that’s for sure, keeping your shoes ready will prove a smart idea in that event.

Similarly, imagine if you woke up slightly late on a weekday and must report to work on time. Would you feel much more relaxed if you had cleaned your official shoes the night before? Therefore, cleaning your shoes soon after you get at home is highly time-saving in the end.

Related FAQs

1. Can I machine wash my muddy sneakers?

Yes, you can! Most shoemakers use raw materials such as leather, synthetic, or rubber to make sneakers. The good news is that all these materials are machine washable.

The first thing to do is remove the shoelaces and clean them separately. Secondly, spray the shoes with a detergent before you dump the sneakers into your washing machine.

2. Why you must rinse your shoes properly?

Failure to rinse your shoes well, you do not get rid of all soap residue. As fate would have it, this residue attracts dirt to the shoes, in a trice. For this reason, the more you rinse the shoes, the better for you.

3. I only use my washing machine to wash my clothes. I’ve always wondered, can I use it to clean my slip-on?

Yes, you can! All you must have is liquid detergent and clean cold water. Apart from that, it’s best you prepare the slip-on first before dumping them in the washer.

4. Why are my shoes always smelly whenever I remove them in the evening?

Are you tired of wearing funky shows? Let’s see some of the causes of this unpleasant odor.

  • Failure to air-dry your shoes: shoes absorb too much sweat especially when you perspire too much. Therefore, it’s good to air-dry your shoes every so often to get rid of that stench. Apart from that, your shoes get to dry up properly leaving no moisture behind.
  • Failure to wear socks: experts don’t just recommend socks for the fun of it. Instead, they do so since bacteria thrive best in a sweaty and dump environment. To make it worse, being sockless exposes you to the risk of getting blisters.
  • Wearing non-breathable shoes: materials such as leather, cotton, and plastics are not breathable. Therefore, it’s unwise to consider shoe brands made of either of these raw materials. Breathable shows facilitate air circulation hence getting rid of the foul smell.

5. Which shoes can I wash with a washing machine?

I am sure you’re aware that not all shoe brands can be washed by a washer. In general shoes such as sneakers, boots and canvases can be cleaned by a cleaning machine. Please never wash leather, suede, and rubber shoes in a washer under any circumstance. Shoe experts warn that failure to adhere to this instruction will lead to permanent shoe damage.

6. Is there any danger in using a dryer after washing my shoes?

Yes, there is! Most dryers operate at a staggering temperature of close to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, this high temperature destroys the glue that holds your shoe together to form the delightful design you like.

7. I have 2 pairs of dirty boots. Can I machine wash them?

Yes, you can! However, you should not soak these boats in the machine for too long. Remember that boots manufacturers use adhesives to keep the boots in shape. Soaking these boots in the washer for a long time will weaken the adhesives hence damaging the shoes.

Additionally, you shouldn’t add too much detergent as it can damage the shoes, especially if you use hot water. I know you’re aware that hot water may melt off the adhesives. Unfortunately, a mesh bag might be too small for 3 pairs of boots.

For this reason, there’s a dire need to learn how to wash shoes in the washing machine without a mesh bag. I suggest you consider using a sizeable pillowcase instead lest your boots will tangle.

8. I usually see most shoe machine operators using pillowcases. Why is that so?

Do you know how to wash shoes in a washing machine with a pillowcase? Shoe washer operators put the shoes in a pillowcase to prevent tangling. Additionally, you must include a towel or a rug for excessive water absorption.

Another reason is to ensure that the shoes’ shape and design are maintained, during the entire gentle cycle. I know it’s highly tempting but avoid the fast cycle setting. You do not want to damage your shoes, in the name of saving time.

Last Words

In conclusion, everybody, including kids, need to know how to wash shoes in a washing machine. I know that at this point in time, you can honestly appreciate the multiple benefits that washers guarantee. On the unfavorable side, you need to brace yourself as each washing machine consumes close to 1400 watts.


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