How To Clean Ugg Slippers At Home (2024 Newly Updated)

How To Clean Ugg Slippers: Clean Your UGG Easily At Home

Here we create a step-by-step guide that explains how to clean ugg slippers!


UGG slippers or UGG boots are great at protecting and keeping your feet warm; however, they can be very expensive slippers, so you’ll want to be sure to regularly clean them. Also, note that if you spend a little time cleaning your UGG slippers, they will be more durable and last longer.

To clean your UGG slippers, wipe the suede with a damp cloth, use a protective spray, or even get rid of specific stains with chalk or other special cleaning agents.

Although UGG slippers may be the warmest, comfiest slippers on the planet, the question is do you know how to clean them? The warm sheepskin material of the slippers makes them a virtual hug for your foot, as well as makes them a necessity for high maintenance.

These slippers are available in different designs for men, women, and children, and they all have their distinctive sheepskin material. It means that you cannot just drop these slippers in the washing machine to keep them clean, as they require a little extra care.

They are comfy and stylish, and a well-loved pair of slippers will need some care and maintenance now and then. The steps and products needed to clean UGG slippers are simple to follow and will make a big difference in extending the life of your slippers.

Using the best methods to keep slippers clean and fresh while protecting the signature fabric from which they are made, follow the instructions below.

How To Clean UGG Slippers?

  • Wipe the UGG slippers with a microfiber cloth. The reason for using a microfiber cloth is that it is soft and gives you a great way to clean your UGG slippers regularly. simply run the microfiber cloth across the surface of the slippers, and be careful not to press too hard to fray the suede or sheepskin material. Also, depending on how often you wear your UGG slippers, you should do this approximately once every two weeks.
  • Gently brush the slippers by using a suede brush about once every week or so. By brushing your slippers regularly, you will be able to clean off any existing dust and dirt, while also preventing them from getting dirtier over time. Also, make sure that you move in the same direction all the way around to avoid making any irregularities in the fabric, and gently stroke the suede all over the entire slipper
  • Use a cleaning spray and spray a small amount of cleaning solution on a sponge. This can be purchased directly from UGGs like the UGG sheepskin cleaner and conditioner or used as another product that works for suede or sheepskin material. Clean other dirt and residue by using the sponge to gently dab at the surface of the slippers. After cleaning, make sure to let the slippers dry completely in a cool place out of direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before you wear them.

How To Clean Inside Of UGG Slippers?

Now that the exterior of the slippers is well taken care of, it is time to clean the interior to take care of the inside of your fuzzy slipper. Whether you are wearing your pair of UGG with or without socks, there is every tendency that the inside of your slippers can get sticky with sweat and quickly become a home for bacteria.

Avoid any smelly trips or feet, while you are in the office or outing with friends, make sure you’re as attentive to the inside of your UGGs as you are to the outside. Also, here is a quick and easy method for keeping the inside of your slipper fresh and clean.

1. Sprinkle baking soda & cornstarch

From all the methods mentioned, this is the Most Straightforward Way To Stop UGGs From Smelling bad and keep them clean.

  • Sprinkle a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda inside your UGG slippers and allow them to sit overnight and then shake it all out. Before using this method, make sure the slippers are completely dry inside and out. Also, make sure that the baking soda and cornstarch contents of the mixture should be about equal. The ideal amount to use depends on the size of the slipper but start with at least 1 to 2 tablespoons per pair.
  • Spoon the mixture into the slippers then gently shake and rotate them so that the interior gets a light coat. Overnight or longer, leave the footwear undisturbed and shake out the mixture. In the next few years, expect to find some remnants of the powder on the feet or socks.
  • If you prefer, you can also spoon the baking soda and cornstarch mixture into a pair of worn socks, tie the ankles, and then place them inside the UGGs. Another benefit of this technique is that you can reuse the deodorizing socks by putting them back inside the slippers whenever you are not wearing them.

Other steps involve to clean the inside of your UGG slippers include:

2. Deodorize your UGG

If your slipper has an already strong scent, sprinkle baking soda over them overnight and then pour it out before starting your cleaning.

3. Dampen the washcloth in water, then add soap

Instead of creating a soap and water solution, dampen the cloth first, then add soap.

4. Use gentle scrubbers to clean the fleece

A gentle scrub should be enough to remove moderate spots. However, if you have a tough stain on your hands, you may need to go a bit harder and if necessary, use a soft toothbrush.

5. Wipe clean and air dry

Use the washcloth to wipe clean your UGG and always, the best way to retain the coziness of your UGGs is to air dry them.

How To Clean UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers?

UGG Fluff Yeah Slippers

To clean a UGG fluff yeah slippers, make sure you follow the process:

  • Make use of the UGG cleaner & conditioner
  • Make sure you gently brush the surface to remove dirt.
  • Moisten or dampen the surface with a clean, and damp sponge.
  • Clean in a circular motion while trying not to suppress the slippers as they may get spoilt.
  • Air the UGG outside using natural air

Can UGG Fluff Yeah Is Washable?

The answer to this question depends on the method used for cleaning. make sure you hand wash the footwear by applying a small amount of wool detergent using a clean sponge and try as much as possible not to use a machine to wash.

Why Do My UGG Slippers Stink?

Moisture from your bare feet can get trapped in your slippers, which can result in a sweaty odor. lingering moisture in your slippers creates that nasty odor. sprinkling everyday table salt into your slippers can help soak up that odor-causing moisture.

Can You Wash UGG Suede in a Washing Machine?

UGG Suede

The problem with washing suede or soft leather is that it can make it stiff and unwearable. However, if you are looking to keep your leather gloves clean, it means you will want to hand wash them in cold water. Additionally, you can use non-chlorine bleach if needed but make sure that you do not wring out your gloves as this will misshapen them.

How To Clean UGG Slippers Fur?

  • Use the UGG cleaner & conditioner
  • Next is to gently brush the surface to remove dirt.
  • Moisten the surface of the UGG with a clean, damp sponge.
  • Dry naturally for 24 hours in a cool, ventilated area.

How To Clean UGG Tasman Slippers?

To clean and remove odor from your UGG Tasman slippers, pour 1/4 cup of baking soda into each slipper and shake it vigorously to ensure it gets to all corners, then leave the baking soda to settle for either overnight or 24 hours, depending on how foul smell of the slippers and how dirty it is.

How To Clean Inside Of UGGs Without Ruining Them?

  • To put-off bacteria and fungus from UGG, wipe down the inside with a solution of disinfecting cleaner and water.
  • Give it a lot of time for air-drying and once you have wiped down the interior, allow at least 24 hours for the interior to air-dry before wearing it again.

How Long Does UGG Slippers Last?

It is expected that UGG slippers last for about twelve months but they could last for a shorter time or longer depending on their usage

How To Clean UGG Slippers Without Kit?

  • Moisten the entire surface of sheepskin footwear with clean, cold water.
  • Apply a small amount of cleaner & conditioner to a clean, wet sponge.
  • Gently scrub to clean the entire area.
  • Rinse clean in clean, cold water.

How To Remove Grease Stains From UGGs?

There are times you might be in your UGGs and accidentally spilled some olive oil or any form of grease on them. Here is a clever solution to help fix those grease stains.

  • Use chalk to color over stain: Note, that you need to use white chalk and not colored chalk to absorb the grease, so apply as needed and let sit overnight. note: If there is no chalk at home to use immediately, sprinkling a bit of cornstarch over the stain gets it done.
  • Wipe powder off: Using your paintbrush, gently wipe off the chalk as much as you can.
  • Clean your slipper as usual: If you want to remove any chalk or cornstarch residue, put some suede cleaner on a cotton cloth, dip it in water and apply it to the residue in a circular motion.
  • Allow to air dry: Always make sure you air dry to retain the shape of your UGG, so make sure you allow them to dry at room temperature.

How To Clean Water Stains Off UGGs Suede?

If there comes a time when you get caught in the rain or are walking in mounds of snow and your suede UGGs get wet. it is quite easy for you to think that you can just soak them in water to clean them. but this is wrong as you might end up spoiling it. here is an easy method for getting rid of water stains from UGG Suede:

  • Use a brush for your slipper: Make sure you use a suede brush to gently give your slipper a good look and once it is over, it will loosen the nap and get rid of any surface dirt.
  • Use a sponge to wet the slipper: Dip the sponge in clean, cool water and moisten the entire slipper making sure that you are not drenching the slippers with too much water. just apply enough to make it damp.
  • Clean with suede cleaner: Apply water and white vinegar to the Suede as they will also do the trick in cleaning it
  • Rinse your suede with cotton cloth: Put the cotton cloth that is used for cleaning in some clean water and run through your slipper, removing the suede cleaner.
  • Stuff the inside using a paper towel: To ensure that your slipper maintains their shape as they dry, stuff them with a paper towel so they stand straight.
  • Air-dry your suede: Do not, under any circumstances, put your UGGs in the dryer or use a hairdryer as this may ruin the slippers. instead of doing that, find a spot away from the sun or any other form of direct heat to let your UGGs dry at room temperature

How To Clean Salt Stains Off UGGs?

Additionally, if you have been walking around in the snow, note that you do not have to only worry about the water stains, there are also the issue of salt stains. Pay attention to make sure that the method you use to remove salt stains doesn’t simultaneously wash out the color of your slipper.

  • Add a small amount of soap to the cold water: Make sure you add just enough soap to get the job done. but note that adding too much and you’ll also have a soap stain to battle.
  • Dip the soft cloth: Be sure that you are not transferring excess water onto the slipper and creating another stain while cleaning.
  • Blot stains: Additionally, you must carry out this step gently because harsh scrubbing may remove the color from your slipper.
  • Air-dry your UGG: Place your UGGs in a cozy spot away from direct sunlight or any heat source.
  • Use the brush as needed: After the slipper is dry, restore the nap of your slipper to its original appearance using the toothbrush or nubuck brush.

How To Remove Dirt/Mud From UGGs?

There was a time that you accidentally stepped in a puddle that turned out to be muddier than expected. try following this guide to remove these stains in a quite simple way.

  • Dry out the mud: Simplify the cleaning process by allowing any wet mud to completely dry out.
  • Brush out the mud as much as possible: Use the suede brush to gently remove any surface dirt left behind. make sure you brush in one direction and try not to ruin the nap.
  • Rub out stubborn stains with the pencil eraser: By using the eraser to spot rub any matted or shiny stains.
  • Try to wet stained areas: Gently dab or blot all stained areas with water to loosen the nap.
  • Apply suede cleaner to UGG: Dab a bit of cleaner to your sponge and then dip it in water and apply to the stain in a circular motion.

Allow to air dry: No matter how your UGG women’s slippers are dirty, it is better to air dry your slipper to maintain its classic suede look.


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