How To Clean Ugg Boots: Remove Salt, Ink, and Any Stains

How To Clean Ugg Boots: Remove Salt, Ink, and Any Stains

Today, we share the step-by-step UGG shoe cleaning guide ‘How To Clean Ugg Boots’. This blog includes boot cleaning products like UGG Cleaning Kit and different shoe scenarios that you can use in this guide.

What Are Ugg Boots?

These boots are a high-quality brand of classic boots that first originated in Australia in 1978. I guarantee that you’ll be incredulous to learn that These boots are currently on sale in over 100 countries.

Luckily for millions of boots lovers, this brand exists in different designs and sizes. Interestingly, this footwear company equally manufactures durable boots for both boys and girls.

UGG Cleaning Kit

UGG Cleaning Kit

Image Credit – UGG

There’s no better way to take care of your boots than by depending on the ugg cleaning kit. This kit features specific care products such as:

  •  Handle brush
  • Suede
  • Cleaner
  • Protector

You’ll notice that your ugg boots will become much more rejuvenated. Apart from that, this ugg care kit includes an air freshening spray to rid your boots of bad odor. The best part is that all these shoe care products will cost you $40.

How To Clean UGG Boots?

Clean UGG Boots

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How long your ugg boots last primarily depends on how much you take good care of them. That said, it’s highly critical that we discuss how to clean ugg boots at home. Well, here it is.

  1. Dust off your boots using a clean suede brush. Brush both boots properly all over to eliminate any dirt that may be on them.
  2. Wet the boots using a wet sponge. I advise you to dip the sponge in clean water and ensure that you fully drench it.
  3. Clean your boots using high-quality ugg suede cleaner. If you don’t have suede, you can use a mixture of vinegar and clean water.
  4. Rinse the boots thoroughly to get rid of all the suede cleaner on them. Please use a clean and wet cotton cloth.
  5. Put enough towels in your boots to maintain their usual shape and style. I highly recommend that you use dry pieces of paper towel lest you wet the inner parts of the boots.
  6. Let your boots in the open air on a sunny day. This is a smart strategy as you’ll not even need a shoe air freshener. Not to add, the harsh sun rays will kill any existing microorganisms.
  7. Take the shoes back to your house after 5-10 minutes. Too much exposure to ugg boots to direct sunlight can slowly cause bleaching.

Are your ugg boots stained with salt? Don’t worry about it, as we’ll give you a long-lasting solution. Please follow below simple cleaning steps.

  • Add some water to a basin and add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Dip a piece of cloth into the mixture.
  • Blot all the salt stains on your boots.
  • Hold on for a while to allow the vinegar to absorb all the salt.
  • Wipe the boots with a wet and well-cleaned piece of cloth.

How To  Remove Stains From UGG Boots?

Dirty Ugg

I can’t tell for sure that you’re aware that Decker Outdoor Corporation makes ugg boots from animal skin. Unfortunately, sheepskin boots are highly prone to stains. On that account, we’ll share detailed steps on how to remove such stains to better enhance your boots’ overall productivity.

  1. Blot all the stains on your ugg boots using a clean paper towel.
  2. Sprinkle some (soda bicarbonate) baking soda on all the stains on your boots.
  3. Gently scrub the powder on the stained areas of your classical boots.
  4. Hold on for between 10 to 15 minutes then wipe all the powder.
  5. Repeat if you notice any remaining stain on your ugg boots.

How To Remove Hard Ink Stains From Your UGGs?

Stains On UGG

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Are your classic boots awash with ink stains? Here’s how to clean uggs at home to remove all existing ink stains.

  1. Wipe your boots with a wet piece of cloth to get rid of all the dirt and grime.
  2. Wipe the boots with a dry cloth to get rid of the moisture.
  3. Spray the boots with high-quality hairspray.
  4. Relax for between 3 to 5 minutes to allow the hairspray to absorb all the ink.
  5. Add a layer of dawn dishwashing soap to the stained areas of your ugg boots.
  6. Coat all the stains on your boots using a wet piece of cloth such as a towel.
  7. Put your ugg boots outside to dry under the shade
  8. Repeat all the steps above if you detect any remaining ink stain on your boots.

Shoe cleaning experts majorly recommend hairspray as it contains alcohol. Alcohol is a pertinent component that aids in the absorption of ink. Therefore, it’s pointless to use an alcohol-free hairspray for stain removal.

All-Important Factors To Consider When Buying UGG Cleaner

I am sure now you know how to clean uggs. At this point, I’d like to disclose essential considerations to keep in your mind to purchase the right ugg cleaner.

1. Cost

Thank goodness that ugg offers budget-friendly prices for ugg cleaners. Therefore, you can get it as long as you know how to clean uggs. Generally, the company sells ugg cleaners and conditioners at $13.06.

2. Customer Reviews

Here’s some exciting news, over 90 % of customers give ugg cleaners a perfect rating of 5.0. That’s enough reason for you to spare your $13 to get this durable product. You can rest assured that a genuine ugg care kit will enable your ugg boots to last much longer.

3. Quality

The third essential factor has to be the quality of the ugg conditioner. More often than not, Decker Outdoor Corporation makes this conditioner from coconut oil and jojoba oil. That might explain why this ugg cleaner is non-toxic.

3. Shoe Type

Do you own boots or sandals? Well, it’s impossible to overlook this factor as your ugg product depends on it. For example, you only need a clean and wet piece of cloth to clean your sandals. On the flip side, you must purchase a high-quality ugg cleaner for your ugg boots.

4. UGG Shoe Cleaner Dealer

I bet you’ll be disheartened to learn that there are a few fake ugg cleaner dealers out there. With that in mind, I urge you to buy this cleaner from an authorized ugg store near you. A more convenient option would be to place an order on UGG’s official website.

5. Alcohol Percentage

Customers need to take this factor into advisement especially if your boots have stains. More often than not, the higher the alcohol percentage the easier it becomes to remove any existing stains.

6. Size

In all honesty, an ugg cleaning kit features cleaners of different sizes. Habitually, the prices of these cleaners vary slightly depending on the size. For example, a 6 oz ugg cleaner will cost you no less than $10.

Final Words

As we conclude, it’s of great importance we know how to clean ugg boots properly. Footwear experts can confidently attest that there are multiple benefits of cleaning your classic boots well.

Technically, cleaning your boots properly helps to eliminate the bad smell, especially if your feet sweat a lot. Apart from that, clean ugg boots make one look smart and presentable.

It’s normal to want to give the best impression of yourself to anyone you come across every day.


1. Are ugg boots water-resistant?

Yes, they are! Decker Brand uses high-quality, waterproof raw material known as Shearlings to make their boots. That explains why customers prefer them as all their properties make ugg boots waterproof. For example, it may impress you to know that all boots are breathable.

2. I ordered my boots from ugg 2 months ago. Can I call customer care to request cleaning services?

No, you can’t! Unfortunately, UGG doesn’t offer cleaning services to its customers. On the bright side though, the footwear company gives instructions on how to clean ugg boots. They advise that you first brush up on the classic boots to get rid of dirt before applying the cleaner.

3. I have no idea how to take care of my ugg shoes. Is there an ugg care link that can help me out?

Yes, there is! You can effortlessly learn how to clean ugg boots from this footwear company’s official website. You’ll learn how to wash all your ugg boots, slippers, sandals, and slides.

4. I urgently need to purchase an ugg cleaning kit. how will I know the nearest ugg store to me?

At present, ugg has multiple stores spread across Europe and North America. Today, you can get a store in cities such as:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Manchester
  • Lyon

I humbly request you to visit ugg Stores to see the nearest store for you. There’s no store close to you? Worry no more as you can purchase an ugg care kit from UGG’s website.

5. Apart from classic boots, which other products does UGG deal with?

Truth be told, UGG sells a wide variety of products to its customers. These include:

  • Slides
  • Tops
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Trainers
  • Bottoms
  • Jackets

6. Can I clean my ugg boots using baking soda?

Yes, you can! Experts recommend baking soda especially to eliminate the awful odor. Aside from that, baking soda is particularly helpful in removing stubborn oil stains. All you must do is use a dry cloth to absorb any liquid around the stained region. Then sprinkle a reasonable amount of baking soda on all the stains on your boots. Thereafter, you’ll have to wipe all the baking soda from your boots.

7. My UGG boots are full of stains. Can I use dawn dish soap to remove them?

Yes, you can! We especially recommend dawn dish soap if you wish to remove grime stains. Two teaspoons of this soap are enough for blotting all the stains on your boots using a wet piece of cloth. Hang on for 15 minutes before you rinse your boots.

8. UGG boots are usually highly expensive. How durable are these classic boots?

Interestingly, these boots are highly durable, just like other brands such as Timberland. Shoe experts say that these boots can last for as long as 30 months if you wear them more often. That suggests that they can last longer than that if you don’t wear them regularly.

It’s important to take good care of these boots so they last that long. For this reason, I encourage you to learn how to clean uggs. You’ll comprehend why people say that these boots guarantee value for money.

9. I noticed that my ugg boots have faded. What do I need to do?

Rest easy as it’s possible to renew that attractive color of your boots. It’s indisputable that all classic boots fade over time; owing to both wear and age. Therefore, you should consider buying a high-quality suede dye to renew that color. Kindly wipe off the dirt and dye the boots properly using a cotton dye stick. After that, take out your boots to dry in the sun for not more than 10 minutes.

10. Can I use my hand sanitizer to clean my boots?

Yes, you can! You can apply the hand sanitizer on your boots using a clean and soft brush. Scrub all the stains gently using the soft brush drenched in the hand sanitizer.

11. Is it possible to safeguard my ugg boots against stains?

Yes, it is! The most efficient way to prevent staining is to apply a protectant. This product forms a protective layer on your ugg boots; hence preventing any possible stain such as ink or dirt stain. Interestingly, shoe protectants equally prevent the shoe from shrinking as it wades off moisture.


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