New Balance 9060: Elevate Your Style with the Best 12 Picks



Did you know that 40% of people in the U.S. like New Balance? Almost 83% of people are familiar with the brand! Keep reading to the conclusion if you’re also a loyal fan or want to become one! 

We’re not kidding when we say that the trendiest New Balance 9060 is the most comfortable and stylish you’ll ever experience. This Boston-based sportswear brand drew inspiration from the NB 990 and the 1980s computer aesthetics. 

In this blog, we’ll share everything worthy about these fashionable sneakers from the futuristic flair and 9060 variants to unique collaborations and more. So, let’s get hooked to uncover the premium features that make these sneakers a silhouette of choice for celebrities and supermodels alike. 

Are New Balance 9060 Men or Women Shoes?

As stated on the official site, these are unisex-style shoes that make a perfect choice for both men and women. It features a standard width to fit in different foot shapes.  In addition, these sneakers feature a modern yet stylish look that goes beyond gender norms.

The extensive size range of 9060 ensures that individuals of all foot shapes and sizes can find their ideal pair. It also promotes inclusivity to welcome a broader audience.

However, some mainstream retailers like Foot Locker or Nordstrom are short of variety in sizes, especially for women. So, you can go for an equivalent size in men. Imagine that a 10 US size fits you as a woman! For men, it would be equivalent to 8.5. 

Key Features of New Balance 9060

  • Versatility

You can wear them on different occasions with any outfit you want. The appealing shape makes them suitable for versatile events including casual outings such as weekend brunches, fitness activities at the gym, and even semi-formal gatherings.

  • Innovative Materials Used

The flexible base and mesh upper of the 9060 New Balance provide immense support. Therefore, it’s an ideal fit for high-movement activities like running or intense workouts.

  • Unique Design Elements

With cutting-edge designs, each article from New Balance 9060 redefines breathability, comfort, and durability. The ABZORB SBS heel cushioning and ABZORB midsole take center stage.

Other notable features include a diamond outsole pattern inspired by the classic 860 design and a translucent CR device at the heel.

Technology Integration

New Balance 9060 has incorporated some digital designs beginning as concept models to bring flat sketches to life. The brand has also invested in building a dedicated 3D visualization team. 

According to a blog in Robotics 24/7, the company has also planned to automate its process. The futuristic thinking of its innovative team shines the company bright in every arena.

10+ Best New Balance 9060 Shoes

1. 9060 New Balance Sea Salt

New Balance 9060 Sea Salt 

Let’s amp up your footwear game with the promising color of the 9060 series! This Sea-Salt colorway is one of the first no-collab articles of the brand. Sea Salt blends gray and beige hues with retro vibes inspired by 80s computer aesthetics. 

Special Features

  • ABZORB SBS technology in the midsole
  • Midsole with aggressive wavy lines
  • Decoupled outsole with diamond-shaped traction pods
  • Heel lockdown feature at the heel counter with pebble-like textures.


  • New Balance 9060 Sea Salt’s The ABZORB SBS cushioning provides excellent shock absorption for everyday wear.
  • The aggressive wavy lines on the midsole and decoupled outsole with diamond-shaped traction pods offer good stability in unstable places.
  • The heel lockdown feature with pebble-like textures ensures a secure fit.

Styling Options

  • Rock your sneakers with a cropped T-shirt, light mom jeans, and a bomber jacket for an off-duty look. You can also go full-on dad with khaki chinos, a polo shirt, and a bucket hat.

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2. New Balance 9060 Bricks And Wood

9060 New Balance Bricks And Wood

The most trendy collaboration of 9060 New Balance is with Bricks and Wood. Bricks and Wood founder’s grandmother’s home inspired every sneaker detail. It features two types of suede smooth and fuzzy suede in a cream and lime colorway.

Special Features

  • Bricks And Wood Fuzzy suede overlays with reflective upper mesh spacer
  • Custom hairy laces
  • Rubber material outsole
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Co-branding at the heel window & sock liner
  • Available in colorways of beige, green, and gray.


  • During the colder months, fuzzy suede overlays add warmth and comfort to the New Balance 9060 Bricks & Wood sneaker.
  • The textured tread pattern on the rubber outsole offers good grip and traction.
  • The reflective upper mesh spacer features a unique visual element and promotes visibility even in low-light conditions.

Styling Options

The shoe comes with two more lace variants to style them accordingly. 

  • Wear them over ripped black skinny jeans, a printed tee, and a biker jacket for a classic urban vibe.
  • Dress up a monochromatic outfit by pairing them with cream-colored chinos, a crisp white tee, and a bomber jacket in a similar shade.

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3. New Balance 9060 Grey

New Balance Grey

It is the most accentuating tone to redefine the 9060 New Balance chunky silhouette and futuristic design elements. It represents the reinvention of the classic models in a modern way. Furthermore, it features a distinctive mesh compared with other 9060 articles.

Special Features

  • Translucent CR device at heel
  • Artificial scuffs on the midsoles and the bottom
  • Pig Suede/Mesh
  • The original 991 lace jewel inspired the tongue logo  
  • ABZORB midsole 7 ABZORB SBS heel cushioning


  • The aggressive wavy lines on the midsole and decoupled outsole with diamond-shaped traction pods offer good stability on uneven surfaces.
  • In low-light conditions, New Balance 9060 Grey has subtle reflective accents on the upper.
  • The upper fabric allows for airflow and keeps your feet cool.

Styling Options

  • Go head-to-toe gray with matching joggers, a graphic tee, and a bomber jacket for a sleek and modern vibe.
  • Whether you’re running errands or going to the movies, light-wash jeans and charcoal-gray sneakers will look great.
  • Combine gray NB shoes with tailored and dark-denim jeans.

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4. New Balance 9060 Black

New Balance 9060 Black

This neutral tone takes the style statement a step further. You will see the hues of gray tone that add an ultimate depth and dimension to the shoe. However, ensure that these 9060 shoes might look big because of the shape. So, this might be an ideal fit for oversized shoe lovers!

Special Features

  • Overlays of suede and mesh
  • ABZORB SBS heel cushioning
  • ABZORB midsole
  • Translucent CR device at heel
  • Dual-density split midsole


  • These New Balance 9060 Black shoes feature a mesh upper and pigskin suede overlays.
  • The sculpted lines and layered textures work together for optimal support, flexibility, and performance.

Styling Options

  • Elevate your athleisure with cargo pants, a cropped hoodie, and a beanie for a comfortable street style.
  • Dress like a rockstar in ripped black jeans, printed tees, and a moto jacket.

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5. New Balance 9060 Bodega 

9060 New Balance Bodega

New Balance’s Bodega 9060 is available in the Explorer colorway. These are inspired by the Renaissance period with various materials, styles, and hues. On December 10, 2023, they released one of their latest collaborations. However, this is a fashion shoe rather than a sports sneaker.

Special Features

  • A pastel blue shade on the upper
  • Inspired by the cues from the 991, 860v2, and classic 99X models
  • Different overlays and mesh variants
  • Contrasting earth tones with brown suede detailing
  • Fuzzy tan suede covers the heel tab and tongue.
  • The heel features a vibrant yellow NB 9060 emblem.
  • The New Balance 9060 Bodega’s midsole features ABZORB and SBS cushioning.
  • Gum rubber outsole


  • New Balance Bodega 9060 shoes are designed for lifestyle and casual wear. Additionally, their dual-density midsoles provide ultimate comfort and impact absorption for long-term wear.
  • The gum rubber outsole offers traction, durability, and stability on various surfaces.

Styling Options

  • Pair them with slim-fit ripped jeans and a white oversized graphic tee. You can add a leather jacket or blue jeans jacket for a chic urban look.
  • Wear sneakers with light-colored shorts and a breezy short-sleeved shirt.
  • Experiment with patterned or Hawaiian shirts for a laid-back summer look.

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6. New Balance 9060 Cherry Blossom

New Balance 9060 Cherry Blossom

9060 New Balance cherry blossom embrace the delicate hues of pink, purple, and cream, reminiscent of the iconic bloom of the flowers. These chunky sneakers also challenge the notion of a masculine aesthetic with a cheerful blend of tones. Their unique colorway and playful details create a distinctive look without being loud.

Special Features

  • Chunky dual-density midsole
  • Comfortable pink upper with mesh
  • Brushed suede overlay detailing in coral and burgundy
  • Off-white embroidery on the ventral side
  • ‘N’ logo in the metallic silver finish
  • New Balance 9060 Cherry Blossom features ABZORB and SBS cushioning


  • ABZORB dual-density midsole provides adequate shock absorption for light-impact activities and all-day walking comfort.
  • Brush suede overlay detailing gives texture and richness to the overall look.

Styling Options

  • Light-wash denim jeans and a white or light-colored t-shirt are perfect for a casual day out on weekend brunches, a casual stroll, or shopping.
  • Pair the cherry blossom sneakers with pink or blush-toned pants or leggings. Add a matching top and embrace the monochromatic tone.

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7. New Balance 9060 Rain Cloud 

New Balance 9060 Rain Cloud

Embrace this time to welcome one of their classic-tone sneakers! Gray plays a more nuanced role in New Balance’s Rain Cloud 9060 than black and white. Their different shades blend seamlessly creating a monochromatic style that easily matches any outfit. Moreover, these shoes go true to size so that you won’t need to worry about going a size up or down.

Special Features

  • Upper sway bars inspired by 990 models
  • Translucent CR device at heel
  • The New Balance 9060 Rain Cloud has wavy lines on the midsole.
  • ABZORB and SBS heel cushioning
  • Diamond outsole pattern inspired by classic 860 design


  • It has upper sway bars for structural support.
  • The diamond outsole patterns offer reliable traction while making them suitable for versatile surfaces.

Styling Options

  • Give yourself a minimalist vibe with light gray tailored trousers with a simple black turtleneck.
  • Wearing track pants with a fitted hoodie or a zip-up jacket is ideal for outdoor activities, gym sessions, or a sporty day out.

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8. New Balance 9060 Blue Haze 

New Balance 9060 Blue Haze

The blue haze colorway of these sneakers also resembles the Bodega shoes. The Blue Haze colorway subtly nods to the heritage of New Balance in the 1980s. During that era, pastel blue and white shades were popular, evoking nostalgia and reminiscing of our running and casual footwear heritage.

Special Features

  • Colorway: Blue/Turtledove/Moonbeam
  • Triangular NB 9060 logos on tongue tabs
  • Stitching with white-dashed logos
  • Semi-translucent CR device secured on the heel
  • Diamond-shaped gel grips on the outsoles


  • The triangular New Balance 9060 running logo adds a unique design element and represents the running-inspired heritage.
  • The diamond-shaped gel grips on the outsoles not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to versatile traction.

Styling Options

  • White or light-colored shorts with a breezy pastel shirt are ideal for summer vibes.
  • A pair of ripped skinny jeans, a graphic tee, and a bomber jacket give this outfit a streetwear edge. Consequently, it’s perfect for street festivals, urban outings, or casual hangouts.

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9. New Balance 9060 Pink 

9060 New Balance Pink

Pink 9060 New Balance sneakers are an undeniable breath of fresh air in a world of muted sneakers. Whatever color you choose, these sneakers will instantly elevate your outfit. It features attractive hues such as pink, lavender, and gray.

Special Features

  • Dual-density midsole
  • Translucent CR device at heel
  • ABZORB midsole & SBS cushioning
  • Diamond outsole pattern
  • Innovation-led design inspired by the classic 99X series


  • New Balance 9060 Pink design provides adequate ankle support which is crucial for stability, especially during lateral movements or casual sports.
  • The durability and abrasion resistance of the outsole make them durable and withstand various terrains notably in high-wear areas.

Styling Options

  • Wear black leggings, a vibrant pink sports bra, and a lightweight windbreaker for a bold and athleisure look.
  • Wear high-waisted mom jeans with a white crop top and a denim jacket.
  • Try it with a pink denim jacket and white pants. 

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10. New Balance 9060 Truffle
New Balance 9060 Truffle

It is a sophisticated color that sets these sneakers apart from the crowd. The Truffle colorway isn’t your typical black or gray. It resembles a deep nuanced shade of brown that evokes the luxurious aroma of its namesake. You’ll even find subtle tech details like the ABZORB and SBS cushioning system ensuring both comfort and style.

Special Features

  • ABZORB & SBS heel cushioning
  • Retro futuristic design
  • Rubber sole material
  • Suede outer material
  • Advanced cushioning technology
  • Translucent CR device at heel


  • Rubber sole material of the New Balance 9060 Truffle provides reliable traction, durability, and flexibility.
  • The suede outer material offers a luxurious and premium feel contributing to the ultimate comfort factor.

Styling Options

  • Match the truffle sneakers with brown outfits such as suede pants and a leather jacket.
  • For a fall-inspired outfit, Corduroy pants or a skirt with a cozy oversized sweater in autumn tones are an ideal choice for fall festivals, pumpkin picking, or casual family gatherings.

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11. New Balance 9060 Workwear 

New Balance 9060 Workwear

The ‘Workwear’ colorway comes with a blend of olive-rich earth tones and angora hues. A chunky rubber sole wraps the design on the inside made from leather and mesh panels with the ‘N’ logo on the sides. The overall shape of the sneakers also gives a premium look and offers a comfortable fit to become the ultimate running shoes. 

Special Features

  • Heel cushioning with ABZORB & SBS
  • Overlays of pigskin suede on mesh
  • Classic 860 diamond outsole pattern
  • An “NB” logo on the heel and “NB” branding on the tongue
  • Outsole with traction-enhancing and slip-resistant rubber


  • The New Balance 9060 Workwear upper is made from calf suede and mesh panels for a durable, versatile look.
  • The diamond outsole pattern and slip-resistant rubber outsole are ideal for providing reliable traction on various surfaces.
  • The ABZORB and SBS heel cushioning enhances the shoe’s comfort as well as longevity.

Styling Options

  • Mix different shades of olive and angora in your outfit, such as an olive green sweater with tan trousers.
  • Wear light khaki cargo shorts, a long-sleeved henley shirt, and a field jacket for hiking, camping, or casual outdoor activities.
  • Fresh Foam Arishi v4

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12. New Balance 9060 Fresh Foam Arishi v4

New Balance 9060 Fresh Foam Arishi v4

Few shoes that provide all-day comfort and performance like the Fresh Foam Arishi v4. These shoes have a lightweight fabric upper and a Fresh Foam cushioned midsole. This athletic shoe has sport-inspired overlays and a durable rubber outsole to complete its look and feel.

Special Features

  • Fresh Foam midsole cushioning 
  • Textured logo and embroidered details
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Mesh and suede uppers
  • Nice bounce with a requirement of minimal break-in


  • The boots provide a responsive bounce and the minimal break-in period ensures quick comfort for immediate use.
  • Fresh foam midsole cushioning offers superior comfort and lightweight cushioning, so you can wear them all day.

Styling Options

  • Classic blue flare jeans with a white button-down shirt or a casual denim shirt are ideal for casual office outfits.
  • Leggings with a crop top and an oversized hoodie or a bomber jacket are ideal for embracing athleisure chic.

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New Balance 9060 Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your 9060 New Balances hoes in excellent condition is essential for longevity and style. Discover how to keep your shoes in perfect condition, from making them comfortable to keeping them stylish. Here we go.


  • Soft bristle brush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bowl or bucket
  • Mild detergent
  • Shoe deodorizer spray

Cleaning procedure

Step 1: First, remove the insoles and laces. Later, Wash them separately.

Step 2: Brush away loose dirt and debris.

Step 3: Mix lukewarm water with mild detergent in the bucket/bowl.

Step 4: Dip the brush and gently scrub the shoes, focusing on dirtier areas.

Step 5: Wipe clean your New Balance 9060 sneakers with a damp microfiber cloth.

Step 6: Clean the laces and insoles with the brush.

Step 7: Dry the shoes in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.

Step 8: Once dry, apply shoe deodorizer spray.

So, life is too short for dull sneakers! You can either invest in a premium cleaning kit by Reshoevn8r. It helps extend their lifespan and keep them looking brand new with every clean. 


Q.1 What Are The Top 05 Alternatives Of New Balance 9060?

Nike, Adidas, Puma, On, and Reebok are the top 5 alternatives of 9060 New Balance.

Q.2  What Makes The New Balance Different From Other Athletic Shoes?

Almost all the New Balance models feature ABZORB cushioning technologies, providing excellent shock absorption and responsiveness for different activities.

Q.3 Where To Buy A New Balance 9060?

You can easily buy their 9060 variants at the official website. Other best websites to buy include Kicks Crew, Farfetch, and Shoe Palace

Q.4 Which 9060 New Balance Size Is Right For Me?

New Balance in men’s size is often true to the size. However, the scenario is different for New Balance 9060 women’s sizes. If you wear a US 10 size as a woman, it’s equivalent to 8.5 for men. 

Q.5 Does New Balance Sell Low Top Sneakers?

Yes, New Balance offers a variety of low top sneakers for both men and women.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable sneaker that’s impressive, then the New Balance 9060 is worth considering. These sneakers come in a variety of colorways we’ve discussed above. Aside from that, we’ve talked about New Balance’s innovative design and advanced collaborations boosting its popularity. We hope you find these insights helpful in making the right choice. I would love it if you shared this review with family and friends who prefer quality footwear! Thanks for reading.


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