What Does GS Stand for in Shoes? The Answer May Amaze You

Together with the development of humans, shoes are playing an essential part in our lives. They serve as fashionable accessories while also bringing us pleasure and comfort.

Although they seem to be familiar with us in daily life, it is still a challenge for us to remember all the lingo in the world of shoes. You must have seen some acronyms and terms like GS, PS, or GG when you are shoe shopping.

So, what does GS stand for in shoes? The answer is so simple that it may amaze you: GS is Grade School. But why does this term appear? Let’s discuss more in this article.

What Does GS Stand for in Shoes

GS shoes’ meaning, as we said above, is an acronym for Grade School. This term is a measurement of children’s sneaker size. Unlike adults, children have three different shoe sizes: TD (Toddles), PS (Preschool), and GS (Grade School). As you can see, GS is the largest one.

Picking an appropriate size of sneakers or shoes for children is much more challenging than for adults because they are growing day by day, and their shoe sizes are also changing.

As a result, professionals come up with these three sizing charts. After knowing the meaning of GS, you can choose a pair of sneakers precisely for you, as a child or a kid that you know. However, this rule does not apply in all circumstances.

For instance, your kids should wear GS size 5.5 instead of 6. Why? Because this chart does not consider other unstable factors such as foot length, arch height, or how various shoe designs fit on a boy’s or girl’s feet. Even the tiniest changes may cause a difference in choosing the size. Without a doubt, some pairs of sneakers are unavailable in your wanted GS size.

Grade School Size Chart

When you intend to buy an extra pair of sneakers, of course, you are going to look at its size chart first. Usually, grade school sizes in jordans go up to 7Y, but sometimes its maximum can be 9.5Y.

A 7Y in Grade school size in jordans is the same as a men’s 7. What makes them different from each other is the price. Nike Air Jordan is one of the largest sources of the Grade School acronym and is the inventor of this system of sizes. According to this company, GS has two different sizes: Y size and K size.

  • Y size: This size is popular in Grade School size charts. For example, 7Y means age 7 (Shoes are suitable for 7-year-old children).
  • K size: The letter K is an acronym for kids, which is simply another way of saying Y size. You should know this because some shops use K size instead of Y size.
  • Extra OG: Unlike what most people think, OG is not shoe size. OG means original. When Nike releases a new product, OG Nike would have significant colors and designs. It is so that they could be more special than the

Measurement of GS Shoes

Asking “what does GS stand for in shoes” is not enough because the answer cannot lead to your buying a perfectly fit pair of shoes. You should also know how to measure your or your child’s foot size.

First, do not take action right away when your child wakes up because, at the end of the day, each foot can swell a bit. Measurement in the afternoon can assure that shoes are not too tight.

Second, remember that each brand of sneakers have different GS size charts. Therefore, you should be very careful about choosing the right size.

If your child’s foot size is between two other shoe size choices, for example, 5.5 and 6, then I recommend choosing the larger one because there is no guarantee that a smaller size will fit.

Last but not least, we will go through how to measure precisely the foot size. The easiest way is to use a standard ruler. Here are the steps:

  • Position your child on a flat floor, align their back and heel against the wall.
  • Put the ruler from the largest toe to the end of the foot.
  • Remember the results, or you can take notes.

More than A kid’s Shoe Size

Not only does GS serve as a kid’s shoe size, but it also works for people having smaller feet than average. Many people find that men’s or women’s shoes are just not a fit for them.

In that case, GS size would be a perfect choice. These shoes are usually more affordable than adults’ shoes. They are often designed for both boys and girls, so they are also suitable for people who are fond of unisex fashion.


GS shoes’ meaning seems to be very simple, but it has much more fascinating things to know about. We hope that through our article, you can totally understand what GS stands for, GS size, and how to measure your feet size. Thus, as a result, you will get the fittest pairs of shoes in GS size.

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