What Are Mules Shoes? Why Are Mules So Popular?

The world of fashion is dramatically changing day by day. And it is undeniably challenging for us to keep up with the ever-changing array of women’s footwear, which can create dizziness in the uninformed. A huge range of shoe types is available in the market now and the competition is seemingly endless.

Despite the ever-changing winds of trend, many options in the world of shoes still preserve some sense of stability. One of these classic footwear designs has earned the unflattering moniker of a mule. So what are mules shoes? Mules shoes, meaning backless slippers, have gained a reputation for flexibility and comfort. It existed in a variety of designs: some are open to toe, while the others are closed. And some include high heels, while the others don’t.

So, if you are considering buying a pair of mules but have not known all about it, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the most necessary information about this hot-hit trend: Mules.

Mules Shoes Definition

Mule shoes, also known as open-heeled shoes or heeled shoes, are designed with an open heel at the back (no straps) and a closed front part. Mules, with their characteristic slip-on form, are both wearable and beautiful in look, making them a reliable aesthetic alternative for your collection.

In your search for the ideal footwear, you’ll discover that mules come in a variety of heel sizes and fabrics, changing what appears to be a basic and modest shoe into a flexible style that can be combined with almost any outfit.

But why are these shoes called “mules”? Are they related to animals crossing a horse with a donkey? Let’s see how mules footwear are made, and how long they have been called “mules”.

Mules Footwear History

Mules shoes, despite their humble and simple appearance, are very historically meaningful. However, they have only risen to fashion since the 1950s. Why? Read on to find out what happened.

On the contrary to my previous question, the mule has nothing to do with an animal called “mule”. Its etymology, in fact, should be traced back to Rome, where people in the 16th century designated this term to call backless footwear. At that time, mules were only allowed to be worn in the boudoir as a sort of slipper.

After being considered as a type of bedroom slippers, the mule has found its place during the 17th century. It made a shocking entrance in some courts occurring in France. It quickly rose into favor, used by respectable ladies in European society like Marie Antoinette.

However, this was not enough for the mule to be globally used. Mule shoes didn’t gain any reputation until Marilyn Monroe declared that mules became her favorite in the 1950s. Immediately, her characteristic flared outfits worn with moles hit the news. As a global fashion icon, Marilyn showed us how to dress moles in skinny jeans, denim shorts and turned it into one of the must-have items in any wardrobe.

As a result, Mules saw a revival in prominence in the 1990s, becoming a silhouette that characterized the decade. Since then, this style of open-heeled shoes has had a strong rise and is loved by fashionistas around the world. After all, who doesn’t want to keep track of the trend?

Why Are Mules So Popular?

Of course, celebrities are only one of the reasons why mules are so popular. Mules may need this fame at the beginning, but after all, what is the key to attract all fashion concerns?


Doubtlessly the first factor to mention is comfort when it comes to mule shoes. Mule sneakers have a distinctive design of open heels. So you just need to put it on and use it immediately, no need to tie shoelaces or try to slide your feet in. In a society where women’s sneakers frequently have a plethora of hooks, zippers, and complicated techniques to take them on, this may be a relief.

With a simple operation, you can use the shoes comfortably. In addition, on hot days, thanks to the open heel of the mule, the feet will be much more airy, cool and you don’t have to worry about the annoying odor of foot sweat.

Various design

With the current popularity of mule shoes, designers and manufacturers are constantly innovating to bring new and impressive models to meet the needs of a large number of customers. So you can freely choose the models, colors, and textures that suit your personality.

Thanks to this wide range of options, mules can fit any fashion style and they under no circumstances let you down. Denim trousers, a seductive mini-skirt, or a stunning ball gown all are ideal companions with a pair of mules. Its flexibility is legendary, which is why they are so necessary for any women’s wardrobe.

Mule shoes are similar to strong animals, which can adapt to their living habitat despite changes. They survive and succeed in the competitive fashion world since they have evolved various adaptations that allow them to thrive in nearly any environment.

High quality

With the spectacular return of the mule shoe line, major shoe brands such as Puma, MLB, Vans, or Fila will not be left out of the game. Manufacturers produce diverse and unique open-heeled sneakers to attract customers, leading the prevailing fashion trends. These brands are well known for high-quality products. Therefore when you buy mules from them, you can be assured of long-lasting and durable pairs.

Now let’s take a deeper look at the differences between clogs and mules.

What Is the Difference Between Clogs and Mules?

These two types of shoes have a similar form. They are both constructed with a backless form and allow quick slip-on use and limitless relaxation advantages. So it’s a little challenging at first glance to tell these apart. However, you can check some characters to differentiate mules and clogs

  • Purposes: While clogs are utilized for realistic job settings like doctors and nurses, mules are more fashionable.
  • Weight: Mules are mostly lighter than clogs.
  • Style: Mules are frequently built with higher-end materials as a function of design.
  • Pleasure: Both shoes are comfy, although mules are recognized for being more so.
  • Appearance: Mules win in this criterium.


Here is all the information about what are mules shoes. Hopefully, you have found the necessary details, including mule shoes definition and the reason for their popularity. Do you have a favorite pair of mules? Share with us now in the comment section.

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