Not Everyone Knows How to Tell If Shoes are too Big?

Without a doubt, shoes have gone viral in our daily life. Although other factors affect your experience with shoes, comfort is the most essential indicator. Wearing a perfectly fitting pair of shoes will bring you happiness and convenience in all activities.

You probably know your right size inside out. However, buying shoes incorrectly because of size is not uncommon. Not everyone knows how to tell if shoes are too big or too small. Despite its far-reaching consequences, people are still at fault for choosing incorrect shoe sizes.

This article will instruct you on various ways to tell if shoes are too big. Read on for more!

Ideal Footwear

As we all know, bad-fitting shoes can lead to a wide range of foot issues like ingrown toenails, bunions, and difficult circulation. They can affect our health in various ways. Before knowing how to tell if shoes are too wide, you need to acknowledge how serious it is to wear an unfit pair of shoes in the long term.

Discomfort while walking:

As you know, big shoes can make you struggle to walk around because of the redundant space. While the length of your feet cannot make up for your footwear, your movement will be ridiculous, and as a result, your stride can be modified.

Ankle hurt:

A different significant complication of wearing large shoes is metatarsalgia. Imagine how painful it is to have inflammation of the ball of your foot.

Callus on toes:

Doubtlessly, you need more force on your feet to prevent your shoes from falling off when they are not of the right size. However, after a long time, this leads to the appearance of callus on your toes. Nobody wants that, do they?


With a pair of shoes that properly fit your feet, you can confidently walk on any terrain. But that can’t happen in this case. On slippery terrains, wide shoes make you lose control of your stride, which leads to dangerous falls.

Other foot injuries:

Blisters are lesions that are outside the skin, and can be easily seen. Although they appear to be minor injuries, they are very dangerous sometimes. They are not limited to those wearing too-tight shoes.

Even people who find their shoes too wide can encounter friction between their feet and the shoes’ insoles, which creates blisters. Blisters are painful for a while, usually not long, but will cause discomfort.

How to Tell If Shoes are too Big

You can’t always depend on sizing alone, as certain brands might size the shoes differently. What should one pay attention to get the best fit? Let me help you identify if your shoes are too small or too big.

Go to the store

Because of a wide range of types, each style of shoe can push your size up or down a bit. Therefore, the first thing you should do to solve the problem is to go to the shoe store. Instead of grabbing whatever, test them long enough to make sure they fit comfortably.

Top Tip:

Leather shoes tend to loosen up, so having a wide pair from day one can cause inconvenience in the long term. Therefore, please search for a fit one from the beginning to feel comfortable wearing it going forward.

Look out for the size

Before dressing anything on, you should note down your shoe size. This will save you a lot of time in assessing if these are too big or not. Check the size of the shoes (usually in the sole) and compare them with your normal ones.

Try it on

Put a shoe on and lace them up properly if there are laces. Now, there are three symptoms to tell if shoes are too wide:

  • If shoes fit soles only on your feet when you press the laces into contact, or the panel on shoelaces overlap them, that means the shoe is too big.
  • If you slipped the heels from the shoe, it is too loose.
  • If you can see the gaps between the foot and the side of the pump, these are too large. Top Tip: When seated, your big toes should be

Use a finger test

You must have known this trick for checking if shoes are too small. But surprisingly, this method can also be a lifesaver for pinpointing wide shoes.

Once you have worn the shoes, especially heels, check if your toes touch the top of the heel. If you can put two or three fingers inside the shoes with ease, this pair is not made for you.

Your thumb should be wider than that between the tip of your toes and the bottom part of your shoe. This allows enough room to wear socks and stretch out your toes comfortably.

Answer the question: Are the shoes coming out as you walk?

If your sneakers are longer than your feet, that can occur. Due to the excessive space, your stride may be awkward. Take notice of your toes. If they are struggling to prevent the shoes from coming out while walking, then you should look for a new pair.

Wearing shoes too big may cause you to end up having back pain or even blisters on your toes. Ideally, you should wear sneakers that fit suitably so that your shoes stay attached to your toes.

What to Do If My Shoes are too Big

How do you make your shoes more comfortable? We’ve collected the most efficient solutions to try:

Use an insole

Insoles are soft padding insertables in your shoes. These typically have gel, silicone, or foam material and help with posture problems and pain. For heels, the insole is recommended because of their comfort benefits while also removing pressure on the feet. They are additionally ideal for reducing the size of the shoe.


Place a few cotton balls at the tip of the shoe. A terrific bonus about this tip is you can use it at any time, without purchasing an enormous quantity. Cotton is designed to provide your toe with softness to release the pain.

Thick socks to fix big shoes

This is one of the easiest ways to create perfect footwear. Shoe size measures the length of your foot but does not take width and height into account. Therefore, if you wear thick socks, the excessive space of the width can be solved.

Top Tip: Be careful when using socks in hot summer. This tip is also not very suitable for high heels.


Shoes for tight-fitting provide additional space and support. They won’t hurt your ankle or foot. You can walk and run freely without going too far behind. A perfectly fitting shoe found at the store is all you need. You’ve got tips that should help you tell if a shoe is too big.

Hopefully, these tips are informative and helpful for you. Trying to search for a fit shoe before purchasing can help you dress shoes perfectly. Like and share, if you are interested in this article. Also, catch up on our recent posts for more tips and tricks at home!

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