How to Stretch Suede Shoes Wider at Home – an Easy DIY Technique

When purchasing too-small suede shoes that you cannot test on, you may find yourself in hot water. It’s so inconvenient to wear tight shoes since your feet could be severely injured. You might consider giving them away, but they look nice, and you spent a lot of money on this pair of expensive shoes. What should we do in this perplexing situation?

The good news is that you can stretch suede boots. The fact that suede boots can be stretched is something that most people are unaware of. You may believe that stretching suede boots wider is impossible. But trust me, it is possible, and you can totally do it at home. So how to stretch suede shoes wider?

This article will show you some simple DIY procedures for stretching suede shoes fast, such as using a freezer or using shoe stretching spray. Thus, continue reading to find out!

Acknowledgment and Preparation

There are a few regulations to follow before you stretch suede shoes. Otherwise, you risk damaging them.

First, you might be shocked to learn that suede material has one of the best natural stretches, allowing you to go up to about a half size. The greatest stretch is still limited, so don’t buy the narrow shoes that have a size or are extremely tight.

Second, when you stretch out suede shoes, be sure that you’re careful enough not to ruin the shoes. You run the danger of deforming the shoes and not being able to return them if stretching shoes too much at home. In the worst-case situation, the shoes would not only lose their shape, but they will also be uncomfortable to wear.

Before you begin, make sure you understand which types of suede shoes cannot be stretched. We should avoid suspended shoes with a thick lining. Stitched shoes are more durable while also making them more difficult to stretch. Stitching might make suede more sensitive to breaking if it is thin. Ensure the stitching isn’t overworked, or it will break.

Check your shoes to see if they fall under any of the restrictions listed above. If stretching is fine, move on to the next step! The following is a list of tools you may need to prepare to ensure that your work is completed flawlessly:

  • A pair of thick socks
  • A stretch spray
  • A hairdryer
  • A freezer
  • A shoe stretcher

How to Stretch Suede Shoes Wider at Home

Here are the easy DIY techniques you can always do at home to stretch suede shoes fast!

1. Thick Socks Trick

Everyone has a thick pair of socks at home. It would be wool socks or any other bulky ones. To ensure an excellent result, choose the thickest socks available. The thicker the socks, the wider the shoes will be. And then follow these steps:

Step 1: Put on a pair of thick winter socks.

Step 2: Wear shoes with your socks.

Step 3: Leave them on for a few hours, or you can go around your home.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure until it satisfies you with the size of suede shoes.

This technique is extremely simple, and you can do it any free time at home. It’s a more secure method of stretching for those who don’t want to use spray or stretching devices.

It also doesn’t put you at risk of your shoes being damaged by socks. However, the outcome may be delayed, and you may need to repeat this procedure several times until the shoes have stretched.

2. Use Shoe Stretching Spray

Shoe stretch spray is designed to make stretching suede shoes at home easier. Stretch sprays contain chemicals that cause the shoe material to expand permanently.

Read the spray’s instructions carefully, as some brands are designed for the inside of the shoe. In contrast, others should be applied on the outside, and some sprays can be used on a variety of leather shoes but not suede. Once everything is ready, just follow the next process:

Step 1: Apply the spray to the suede shoes.

Step 2: Walk on your shoes for a while as the spray needs movement to stretch the material.

Step 3: Wait for 30 minutes and check your suede shoes.

Step 4: Apply the spray again if you want to stretch more.

If you use this method, you’ll need to buy the spray. However, the result will make you happy. The stretching spray should expand the suede leather shoes about a half size if done correctly.

3. Use a Blow Dryer Technique

Suede shoes can be stretched using a hairdryer at home. Extreme heat will cause shoes to expand, but because suede is made of leather, too much heat will dry it out or discolor it, resulting in cracks. When stretching, keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Step 1: Wear the shoes with one or two pairs of socks to improve the outcome.

Step 2: Turn on the hairdryer and move it around, making sure the distance between your suede shoes and the hairdryer is appropriate.

Step 3: Move the hairdryer toward different directions and turn it off after 30 seconds.

Step 4: Check your shoes and do the shoe stretching process if necessary.

Although using a blow dryer to stretch the shoes produces quick results, the shoes may revert to their original size after a week or two, especially if we wear them in cold weather. Thus, if you’re stretching your shoes with a hairdryer, monitor the leather at all times to avoid overheating the material.

4. Use Freezer

We can easily damage some types of shoes when used at too high of a temperature. Here, freezing is extremely effective. This procedure appears to be the polar opposite of the hairdryer method, yet the result is quite surprising.

Step 1: Place a plastic bag of water in the shoe’s sole and place it in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Refrigerate the shoes for at least 24 hours. Ice that has been frozen will make your shoes expand.

Step 3: After the period specified above, bring the shoes to room temperature and check to see if they have stretched adequately.

Step 4: Replace the water bag and repeat the process if you want further expansion.

To hold the water, make sure you use high-quality bags, as a cheap bag will rupture and leak water onto your shoes. The freezer method is a fantastic, non-invasive approach to stretch your leather shoes while going about your daily life if you don’t have time to regularly monitor their stretch.

5. Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher is a simple and effective way to liberate up to half an inch of shoe space, depending on the material. Suede and other varieties of leather are pliable when stretched, making them ideal for a shoe stretcher.

The added benefit is that this procedure does not necessitate the use of shoes. Keep in mind that a regular shoe stretcher will lengthen and widen your shoes. You may want a particular stretcher if you require an extra lift in the toe box or instep.

When using shoe stretchers, it’s advisable to use a stretch spray or rubbing alcohol inside the shoe first. Keep in mind that you’ll need to leave the stretcher in the shoes for a long time – at least overnight, and possibly up to 24 hours.


When stretching shoes, it’s important to be patient. You value your suede shoes and want to stretch them a little to make them as comfortable as possible to wear. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you in achieving the best potential outcomes while avoiding damage to your footwear. And if you find this article on how to stretch suede shoes wider is going to be useful to somebody, feel free to share this with them.

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