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kigo takes great pride in having created responsible cradle to cradle footwear options that are a combination of recycled, recyclable and upcyclable. Our team recognizes that for kigos to be truly cradle to cradle requires a partnership with like-minded customers who share kigo's passion for environmental responsibility and accountability.

Our company commitment is to keep designing and producing cradle to cradle footwear. We ask our eco-conscious shoppers to recycle or upcycle their well-worn and well-loved kigos through one of our reclaim partners, successfully completing the waste-free lifecycle of kigos.

Customers who go the extra eco mile receive a heartfelt kigo thank you and reward for 25% off their next order.

It’s much more fun to keep going in a clean and beautiful world.



PLUS Compound Technologies  |  kigo drive  |  kigo flit 
Retire kigo drive and kigo flit styles to one of PLUS Compound Technologies' reclaim facilities in the US, Austria or China. Your shoes will be broken down, fed through a grinder and remanufactured into another useful product.

Simply follow this link, click the kigo logo, click the kigo style and color you are retiring, complete the requested information, select your shipping region, print the postage-required shipping and receiving label and follow the instructions noted for shipment.

You will be notified via email when your retired kigos arrive at the PLUS reclaim facility and sent your 25% off rewards code.

Soles4Souls  |  all kigo styles
Every kigo style can be reused and upcycled by Soles4Souls. Donated kigos that are gently worn will be donated to victims of natural disasters or abject poverty, and kigos that are more worn will be distributed to micro-enterprise merchants in Haiti, Central America, South America or Africa who will refurbish and resell them. Shoes are in high demand for micro-enterprise because they are needed for work and school, are socially valued, can be bartered, and are easy to transport and sell. Shoes that cannot be re-worn are broken down and the parts used by local craftsmen to make other products that can be sold to grow the local economy. Both uses support people in developing nations with the resources to start and maintain their own small businesses.

Simply take your shoes to one of the designated Soles4Souls drop locations or mail to one of their shipping centers. Full details and instructions are outlined on the Soles4Souls website through these links. Let us know that you have retired a pair of kigos to Soles4Souls by emailing our customer care team at and we will send your 25% off rewards code.


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