kigo believes that technology is a beautiful tool for keeping our carbon footprint at bay. The kigo staff work remotely, communicate through email and phone, meet as a team and with partners via video conferencing, create and utilize digital marketing materials, conduct day to day business paperlessly and avoid extraneous travel. kigo's main goal is to AVOID | REDUCE and to REUSE | RECYCLE when we cannot AVOID. 

kigo has been certified by the Green America’s Green Business Network as an environmentally and socially responsible business. Click the Green America logo for a full account of kigo's certification.


kigo strives for a waste-free lifecycle for our footwear. This includes the components we use to make our shoes, treatments applied to the components, production processes, packaging and ultimately where well-loved and well-worn kigos end when retired. The kigo team takes great pride in having successfully created truly responsible cradle to cradle footwear options that, depending on the style, are recycled, recyclable and upcyclable.

      • Uppers:  kigo uppers are made from either CYCLEPET or REPREVE, both amazing eco fabrics created by breaking down recycled plastic bottles to weave a 100% recycled textile that is strong and soft. 
      • Lining:  kigo drive and flit linings are made from CYCLEPET, an amazing eco fabric created by breaking down recycled plastic bottles to weave a 100% recycled four-way stretch textile that is strong and soft. kigo bali, leon and pai linings are made from a Kaluna 50/50 blend of 100% post-manufacturing and recycled PET and cotton. 
      • Insoles:  kigo drive and flit removable insoles are made from PLUSfoam, crafted using various combinations of reclaimed post-consumer materials, post-manufacturing scrap and virgin material. kigo bali, leon and pai non-removable insoles are made from EVA.
      • Outsoles:  kigo drive and flit outsoles are made from HD PLUS, crafted in various combinations of reclaimed post-consumer waste, post-manufacturing scrap and virgin materials to create a look and feel consistent with rubber. kigo bali, leon and pai outsoles are made of GOMMA rubber with 20% post-manufacturing content.
      • Upper Water & Oil Repellent:  kigo drive and flit uppers are treated with eco-friendly AsahiGuard E-Series.
      • Insoles & Outsoles Inherently Antimicrobial:  kigo drive and flit insoles and outsoles, made from PLUS compounds, are closed-cell which means they are inherently non-microbial, eliminating the need for an antimicrobial treatment.
      • PLUS Compound Technologies:  kigo drive and flit insoles and outsoles are made by PLUS Compound Technologies. Because their materials are 100% recyclable, PLUS carries with it a relatively small carbon footprint. No trucks are required to transport scrap to landfills and fewer trucks are required to deliver new materials for production. Further, fewer chemicals are required to process new raw materials. 
      • GOMMA:  kigo bali, leon and pai outsoles are made by GOMMA. With 20% post-manufacturing content, reduced trucking is required to transport scrap to landfills or deliver new materials for production.  
      • HO YU Textile Company:  The fabric used for kigo drive and flit uppers and lining is produced by HO YU Textile Company. This company has received the following certifications demonstrating their commitment to creating both products and processes that are environmentally responsible.

    HO YU is a bluesign® partner and their CYCLEPET fabric, used by kigo, is bluesign® approved. The bluesign® system is the solution to ensure sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer that they are acquiring a sustainable product.


    HO YU's CYCLEPET fabric, used by kigo, is certified by the Green Mark Program, the official eco-labelling program in Chinese Taipei established by the Taiwan Environment Protection Administration. The Green Mark means that CYCLEPET has been verified as a recyclable, low pollution, resource saving product and a contributor to environmental protection. CYCLEPET is made from PET containers, which is the most environmental friendly raw material in the textile industry in terms of the total weight of air emissions and waterborne wastes. CYCLEPET is also solution-dyed as opposed to piece-dyed, resulting in the following water, fuel, electricity and CO2 savings.

                                          Water: 50.79% savings     |     Fuel: 62.56% savings     |     Electricity: 45.12% savings     |     CO2: 59.75% savings
    HO YU is ISO 14000 certified for environmental management by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO is the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards, giving state of the art specifications for products, services and good practice, helping to make industries more efficient and effective. Specific to HO YU, the ISO 14000 family maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance.


        • UNIFI:  The fabric used for kigo bali, leon and pai kigos is produced using UNIFI's REPREVE yarn. For every 1 lb. of REPREVE polyester yarn, 23,000 BTU’s are conserved, the energy equivalent of 0.2 gallons of gasoline. This company lives and breathes environmental responsibility, accountability and sustainability in all aspects of their business.

    The REPREVE Recycling Center has been certified as a Responsible Source™. This certification (SCS-RSS-03012) looks beyond recycled content, to give you additional confidence that REPREVE based products are both environmentally and socially responsible.



    REPREVE has received the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, a well-known international eco-label. Oeko-Tex offers "Confidence in Textiles," providing testing and qualification ensuring that REPREVE yarns are free of harmful levels of more than 100 restricted substances.


    REPREVE products are certified by SCS Global Services (SCS) for recycled content claims. Every year, SCS Global Services performs a full examination of REPREVE's recycled products, including their recycling processes, production records, and manufacturing operations. SCS is a leading third-party certifier and standards developer of environmental and sustainability claims. 



        • Ocean Freight:  The kigo drive and flit were manufactured in China and shipped via ocean freight. To reduce packaging, pairs of kigos were wrapped in recycled tissue paper for protection, instead of plastic bags, and then packed tightly in cartons.
        • Land Freight:  The kigo bali, leon and pai are manufactured in México and shipped via land. To reduce packaging, pairs of kigos are placed in cotton drawstring bags and then packed tightly in cartons. These cotton bags serve both as protection in transit and packaging for the end customer.
        • Wholesale | Customer Shipping:  kigo drives and flits are wrapped in recycled craft paper and sealed with a recycled sticker. kigo balis, leons and pais are stored in cotton drawstring bags marked with an MDF tag and recycled sticker. kigo encourages customers to upcycle these colorful cotton bags. Online orders are shipped in a recycled envelope with no further packaging. For wholesale orders, retailers are given the option to add shoe boxes or receive kigos in only the recycled craft/cotton bag. For those who choose shoe boxes, they are made from recycled cardboard and designed to be slim and small, large enough to fit a pair of kigos snuggly inside and avoid excess materials. Retailers are also given the option for shoe boxes to ship flat for assembly upon arrival to further save on shipping space. 

      Through partnerships with PLUS Compound Technologies and Soles4Souls, well-worn and well-loved kigos can be recycled and upcycled when their lifecycle has come to an end. Every kigo shoe, regardless of model, can be retired to Soles4Souls. Still wearable kigos will be donated to victims of natural disaster or abject poverty, while kigos that are more worn will be distributed to micro-enterprise merchants in Haiti, Central America, South America or Africa who will refurbish and resell them. Shoes that cannot be re-worn are broken down and the parts used by local craftspeople to make other products that can be sold to support and grow the local economy. Additionally, through PLUS Compound Technologies, the kigo drive and flit models can be retired and recycled through a process by which the worn shoes are broken down, fed through a grinder and remanufactured into another useful product. In an effort to encourage our customers to participate in kigo's cradle to cradle commitment, kigo provides a 25% off rewards code to everyone who retires their kigos to PLUS or Soles4Souls through the kigo Recycle | Reuse | Rewards Program.

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