Where are Merrell Shoes Made? Get the Facts Here!

Shoes are no longer unfamiliar in our daily life. They are fashionable while providing us a sense of comfort during hard days. Therefore, everyone wants to find a sustainable and comfortable pair of shoes that can be a companion in the long run.

Have you heard of the Merrell shoe company? You may know that they have high-quality products but not the answer to “Where are Merrell shoes made?”. Well, they are produced in the USA and in some Asian countries like China or Vietnam, and they are becoming more worldwide than ever before. Read on to find more information about where Merrell shoes are made.

Merrell Shoe Company

Before knowing where Merrell shoes are made, we should investigate why this company is so famous. Founded by John Schweizer and Clark Matis in 1981, Marrell has flourished as a new hiking boots brand. The two collaborated with Randal Ivan Merrell, a highly regarded designer of footwear. Matis created the Moab in 1982, a sustainable pair of boots at a lower cost.

The firm has been a part of Wolverine Worldwide, a shoe industry behemoth for almost three decades. Since then, Merrell expanded further under new management, eventually becoming accessible in over 150 countries worldwide.

The key to the success of this shoe company is inspiration. Merrell was created with the intention of connecting people all over the world. Thanks to the different types, sizes, and traits of footwear, Merrell inspires everyone to go outdoors and experience life.

All Merrell products are rooted in four core values: comfort, durability, design, and versatility. The innovations in Merrell products are all about removing barriers to nature and allowing consumers to fully enjoy the great outdoors. With a meaningful purpose, Merrell’s revenue continues to increase dramatically, especially in 2010 with over USD 500 million.

To set itself apart from other manufacturers, Merrell uses American cowboy shoe technology to create Italian-sourced hiking boots. This technology allows them to guarantee that the shoes will last for a decade.

When creating the Merrell running shoes, they tried to strike the perfect balance between comfort and protection for consumers. The advanced technology used in each shoe model proves to be effective as they provide convenience and support. Different styles of Merrell running shoes for both men and women offer runners exciting trail running adventures.

Merrell Shoes: Where are They Made?

Merrell’s headquarters is in Michigan, USA. But doubtlessly, not every shoe is made in the United States. Due to its worldwide availability, Merrell shoes can be made in some Asian countries like Vietnam and China, then exported to foreign markets.

However, several production lines are mainly manufactured in the USA since Merrell shoe company is still under the management of Wolverine Worldwide.

An Example of Merrell Shoes Made in the USA – Merrell Wilderness

Regarded as “the best hiking shoes ever produced”, Merrell Wilderness protects its position in the market. It requires a break-in period, like other types of hiking boots, but its service life is beyond expectation. You can use a pair of Merrell Wilderness boots throughout your life, to be honest.

All Merrell shoes manufactured in the USA stand out because of their high-quality materials. You can see their uppers covered with fine grain genuine leather, which is excellently waterproof. Eyelets are metal hardware from Italy, providing a gorgeous look.

Merrell Wilderness hiking boots are suitable for physical activities thanks to a Telsivel 3-bar knit inner and long-lasting rubber soles. These properties also allow the Merrell running shoe to provide support to runners, keeping them comfortable and promoting a natural, worry-free experience.

Cleaning Merrell shoes made in USA is effortless since a flexible tongue, a dual thickness footbed, and a leather insole will prevent debris from entering your footwear. Merrell has an exact size chart so you can freely choose your correct size before purchasing as well.

How to Avoid Fake Merrell Shoes?

Merrell shoes made in Asian countries can still be as good as their counterparts manufactured in the United States. But ungenuine ones aren’t. Here are three steps to avoid buying knock-off Merrell boots:

Merrell shoe company makes its logo outstanding. All letters in “Merrell” are printed in capitals, both outside and inside. You can see this logo in the middle of the shoes.

Step 2: Check for the sole

All Merrell boots have sticky rubber outsoles which provide runners great traction while doing outdoor activities. So, if the shoes don’t have this trait, they are likely fake.

Step 3: Put on and feel

Air-cushioning inner soles and sculpted arches are irreplaceable in every pair of Merrell shoes. Upon putting a shoe on, you can immediately feel comfortable and convenient. So, trust your feelings and use them to identify inauthentic footwear.


All in all, Merrell shoes are mainly made in the USA and some other Asian countries. No matter where they are manufactured, all shoes from Merrell company have high quality and a stunning appearance. If you find this article on where are Merrell shoes made informative and helpful, please let us know in the comment section!

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