What Does UA Mean in Shoes? Explore the Answer Right Away!

Have you ever questioned the origins of the shoes you’re wearing? Are all of the shoes sold in the market 100% authentic? The answer is no. Unfortunately, beside authentic shoes, there are shoes that can be categorized as replica, fake, or unauthorized authentic (UA). So, what does UA mean in shoes?

So, the answer to what UA stands for in shoes is unauthorized authentic shoes. Why are these available in the shoe market? How can you tell the difference between authentic and fake shoes? This article will cover all you need to know. Continue reading to find out the answers.

UA Stand for in Shoes?

UA meaning in shoes indicates shoes made by the same manufacturer, with the same fabrics, and in the same workshop as genuine pairs but they are not licensed by the shoe brand. Therefore, it stands for unauthorized authentic shoes.

Are UA Shoes Fake?

UA shoes, meaning unauthorized authentic, have the same quality as the authentic shoes because they are made from the same materials and follow the same standard process. So, if you happen to come across a pair of UA shoes, consider yourself lucky because it’s a chance to have an authentic pair with a cheaper price. Don’t hesitate to buy them, UA shoes are not fake!

Why Are UA Shoes Available?

You’ll undoubtedly wonder why UA shoes aren’t authentic, given that they’re made in the same factory and under the same conditions.

Big shoe brands have a number of different factories manufacturing shoes for them. When a new shoe model is released, the shoe company will assign factories to produce a specific number of pairs. During the manufacturing process, factories not only produce the required quantity, but also set aside replacements in case the rejected shoes fail the quality inspection. When the companies receive the number of shoes they need, they move on to other factories.

As a result, because the company has exceeded the quota, there is always a quantity of shoes produced that never come to the quality checking stage. These shoes are stored in the factory, and this is how UA shoes were made.

The UA shoes are then sold to shoe stores or online retailers. That’s why UA shoes are made exactly like authentic shoes, but are not censored by the shoe company and thus not licensed. However, you can be confident in the quality of UA shoes because they are identical to the original.

Is It Legal to Sell UA Sneakers?

Yes, as long as you obtained it legally and are already the owner. You have the absolute right to sell anything you own. However, you should not re-use a brand or product mark’s logo because it may be protected by copyright.

How to Distinguish UA Shoes and Fake Shoes?

We face the risk of buying fake shoes because there are so many different types of shoes and it’s difficult to tell them apart. Sneakers are sold through online stores, retailers, and individual businesses, so how can we know which pair of shoes is authentic?

The sellers may claim that the shoes are UA, but the truth is that they are replicas or fakes. To avoid being fooled, follow the steps below to ensure your shoes are authentic:

Always check the source

Check the dealers carefully whenever you buy shoes. If you purchase them from a social media account, keep in mind that it must show recent activities. You can look at some of the statuses. Just 1 or 2 followers could be a fake account.

If you buy shoes from a website, it’s better if you can make a payment through Paypal. Paypal provides the best information security solution for buyers and protects buyers from illegal transactions. With the website accepting Paypal, the possibilities of you buying fake shoes are reduced.

The shoes box is important

The major shoe brands never make packaging mistakes. As a result, the shoe box is a vital feature to identify whether the shoes you buy are authentic or counterfeit. You can look up the actual shoe box on the Internet and compare the results.

Any difference in box style, size, barcode, or print shows that it is a fake pair. The shoe box for some rare types of shoes, such as Jordan 1 or Yeezy, is uniform and detailed.

Be mind of the shoes tag

One of the little details that counterfeit shoe producers can’t copy is the tag. You should look up the UPC code on the Goat app or compare it to someone you know who possesses genuine sneakers. The UPC code is the same for all shoes of the same size.

Check the manufacturer information printed on the tag as well. The details about the factory, production date, and production number are all displayed here. The tag on fake shoes can be imitated, but the details will differ from those on authentic or UA shoes.

The price is too good to be true

Many consumers are tricked into purchasing a pair of shoes at a significantly lower price. The sellers will make you believe it’s because of a shoe brand’s promotion. Genuine shoes, on the other hand, rarely drop so much, so don’t fall for the dealer’s scams. The shoes you’re looking for are most likely counterfeit.


Sneakers UA meaning is explained clearly in this article. You also understand why they are created and how to tell them from other fake or replica shoes. When purchasing UA sneakers, you do not need to be concerned because they are identical to the real models. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find what does UA mean in shoes and the perfect pair of shoes without falling for any shoe salesman’s traps.

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