What Does BM Mean in Shoes? Here’s What You Should Know!

Shoes, together with the development of humans, play a crucial role in our daily life. They are no longer unfamiliar with people, even the most unfashionable ones.

Despite their ordinariness, the world of shoes still challenges us with several incomprehensible lingoes. Without a doubt, these acronyms cause a lot of problems related to shoe size; people can’t understand what is written on the size tag.

B(m) is one of them. It is simply a term referring to medium women’s shoe width. But many people still have no idea about the answer to “What does BM mean in shoes?” Let’s discuss this further in this article.

What Does BM Mean for Shoes

In the U.S, shoe size refers to more than just the length of your foot. It also refers to the breadth. The letters B, D, or M stand for the size of the shoe width. People rarely take the width into account, leading to purchasing unfit shoes. But if you pay more attention, these acronyms are not that hard to remember.

Before getting to know what b(m) stands for in shoes, we should comprehend how many shoe width categories are available in the USA. There are nine sizes, starting from AAA to EEE. While AAA is the narrowest shoe width for children and women, EEE is suitable for people with wide feet.

Since boot width is calculated from the forefoot, A size will be between 3.4 and 3.9 inches. As a result, a boot measuring 3.4 inches is classified as AAA, 3.7–AA, or 3.9 B, for example. This is usually determined by your shoe size.

With a B(m) US shoe size, the former letter refers to women’s boots, while the latter one indicates medium width. We rarely see any men’s footwear in shoe size Bm since it’s extremely narrow for them.

B meaning in shoes

B shoe width is larger than A group. Ranging from 3.6 to 4.1 inches across the ball of the foot, a B-width shoe is suitable for ladies who have standard size feet. You must have once experienced purchasing a women’s boot and seeing no width size described on the tag. It was quite incomprehensible, but now with this article, you can tell immediately that the shoes have a medium shoe width. Yes, it is the B category.

M meaning in shoes

What does b(m) mean in shoe sizes? We have finished half of the way. Now you know what B refers to, but the other indicator (M) is necessary to comprehend too.

M, as we mentioned earlier, stands for “medium”. When you see this letter on the shoe tag, it denotes that a pair of boots is neither excessively tiny nor overly broad, but rather of intermediate or normal breadth.

Shoe size b(m) is a popular shorthand for average women’s shoes. As previously stated, B is suitable for women’s feet, while M implies a moderate shoe size.

The letter M is also used in other terms such as D(m). Unlike B(m) mean for shoes, D(m) usually stands for average men’s shoe width. But a lady with wide soles can fall back on this size as a last resort.

A Concrete Example

B(m) meaning shoes with an average width for women can be found in any stores in the US. Knowing what shoe size B(m) means is not enough, you should be able to comprehend it in reality. For example, what does 8 b(m) size mean?

It is super easy. 8 stands for the length of your feet. So 8 b(m) means a US women’s 8, which is equivalent to size 6 in men’s shoes. Meanwhile, 8.5 D(m) stands for a US men’s 8, since D-width size is extra broad for women.

Exact Measurement of Shoe Width

If you want to buy a fit pair of shoes that comfort you during the day, you need to know how to measure your foot’s length and width. The trick is so straightforward with familiar tools: a piece of paper, a pen, and a measuring tape.

Step 1: Remove socks and shoes.

Step 2: Outline your foot on the paper. Try to draw as close as you can.

Step 3: Measure the widest part of your foot with the tape.

With the final numbers, you can consider whether it is between 3.6 and 4.1 inches. If yes, a pair of B-width shoes will be suitable for you.

Why Should We Test New Shoes Before Buying

Now you fully understand fully what b(m) US means in shoe size and how to measure your width. So, how about simply asking for your shoe size at stores and saving you a deal of time without trying them on?

It sounds sensible, right? But believe me, you will regret deeply if you make purchasing decisions only based on that. There are several reasons you should test a shoe before buying it. Doubtlessly, you must put them on to see if they look nice on your feet while ensuring they fit snugly. In the scenario of shoe size varying, this would be a wise practice.

The shoe size charts are not always trustworthy. Each brand has a different model foot when it comes to designing and creating new products. So, you must try the shoe on before making a decision.


Shoe sizes b(m) seem to be very simple, but it has much more fascinating things to know about. We hope that through our article on what does BM mean in shoes, you can understand what b(m) stands for and how to measure your feet size. Thus, as a result, you will get the fittest pairs of shoes in b(m) size.

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