What Color Shoes to Wear With Red Dress? Get the Facts Here!

If you are a fashion enthusiast, you definitely cannot ignore red dresses. The intense attraction of red dresses with its shining and gorgeous color is undeniable, but how to wear red dresses to become charming is a difficult question to answer.

Without a doubt, to turn heads anywhere with a bold red dress, you must wear a stunning pair of shoes. They serve as helpful assistants to level your beauty while making a statement about your sense of fashion. However, what color shoes to wear with red dress is never an effortless task. Many girls, just like you, are struggling to find the best color shoes to wear with a red dress.

But no need to worry, we are here to help. In this article, you will find the most amazing options when it comes to choosing color shoes to go with red dresses, including white, black, silver, gold, nude, red, and some chick combos. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Best Color Shoes for Red Dress

A red dress is considered one of the must-have items for the festive season. It is hard to ignore the strong attraction of red dresses. The daring outfits with brilliant red colors are powerful weapons to help girls stand out and be more charming. But what color shoes are best to wear with red dresses? Here are some suggestions.

Monochrome shoes

White shoe combination

Let’s begin with the basic combo: red and white. The most significant advantage of this shoe color is its freshness. White shoes represent the youth, purity, and beauty of a teenage girl, while still embodying the elegance and courtesy of a lady.

When you choose white shoes to wear with a red dress, you will create an instant color block effect, since white shoes serve as a perfect background to emphasize the beauty of a bright red dress.

Imagine you are having a romantic Valentine’s dinner with your lover, wearing a daring dress and white heels. Yes, it is very fashionable. At night, the shoes will bring out your most charming and youthful features.

One of my favorite combinations is white sneakers and red dresses. It may not be suitable to wear with a complex printed dress on the red carpet, but it’s casual as stunning everyday wear. This is an amazing option for summer or spring days when you hang out with friends or beloved ones.

Consider how a”dressy” dress may be transformed into a casual one with a basic pair of white trainers. If you want a comfy item that is also of an excellent standard, I strongly suggest this set. They are incredibly pleasant and already have a small gritty appearance, so you don’t have to think about maintaining them.

If you want to find color shoes that are both feminine and elegant, opt for white shoes. Despite its simplicity, white will never let you down.

Black shoes

Another basic option for you: red dress with black shoes. Black can coordinate well with any outfit, providing an attractive and impressive appearance. I like the striking contrast they make with the red hue, and in the case of one solid shade dress, the color block effect between them is even better than with white shoes.

There is a huge variety of types when it comes to black shoes. While a pair of black heeled boots serve best with a red maxi dress or a jumper skirt, black pointed-toe pumps are often worn with waisted red dresses.

If you don’t have a liking for those two, chunky heel boots or sneakers are also good choices. The former looks fantastic with a red sweater dress and is a must-have for a basic, yet seductive and no-nonsense appearance. Whereas, the latter gives you a dynamic and playful look while ensuring your feet are comfortable all day long.

Top Tip: Opt for a set of basic black trainers that don’t divert attention away from your frock.

I believe that it is not necessary to introduce where you can shop black shoes, since they are so accessible. Black and red seem to be a timeless combination offering edgy and classic outfits. Wearing just a pair of black ankle boots will elevate your chic red dresses.

Silver shoes

It would be a mistake not to mention silver shoes when wondering what color shoes should be combined with a red dress. A great choice for girls who love versatility and elegance is silver shoes. Surely, you will become the focus of all eyes when skillfully combining a red dress and silver shoes.

Red dress – silver shoes are an ideal combo for wearing with a gown, whether they are pointed boots, leather boots, or flops. Finish the outfit with sparkling metallic accessories that pair well with the color of red flocks.

The interesting texture of a closed-toe silver shoe will serve a sassy look on a strapless red dress. An additional advantage of silver heels is that they are quite adaptable and can be worn with virtually any color.

Silver is never a bad choice to wear with a red dress. A mix of stylish silver stripper heels with a crimson dress produces a glam appearance. The silver sneakers, on the other hand, combined with a skating outfit are appropriate for outdoor activities.

Different shades of silver should also be paid attention to. For example, a pair of dark black or silver shoes is suitable for the working atmosphere, whereas if you’re going to a party, try out dazzling shiny silver heels.

Other metallic shoes: Gold

Scarlet dress and metallic boots are the duo that helps any girl become strangely attractive. Gold shoes are another good choice for a gown. The mix of traditional red and gleaming gold conveys a sense of majesty without being overbearing.

The wonderful thing about this combination is that the precious metal goes with any tone of red. You don’t have to spend several hours looking for the right gold hue to go with your beloved gown.

You can find gold color in various types of footwear, including sandals, toned heels, flats, and gold pumps. But no matter the type, gold shoes still reign.

This is a great hue to wear with a red cocktail dress for a special occasion, and it can upgrade your outfit to red-carpet standards. Consider wearing a bohemian style dress with a pair of simple costumed gold heels. The end product looks gladiator-style and glamorous.

There is no limitation in combining gold pumps with red dresses. From a midi dress to a flowy gown, gold footwear will make your red outfit stand out.

Neutral footwear colors

Beige shoes

What else can make a perfect red dress outfit? The answer is nude, which is also called beige shoes. A moderate hue, such as vanilla or nude, beautifully compliments a stunning red gown. Select a naked shade that is near to your actual skin tone to maximize the diminishing effect.

This color stiletto will extend your legs by producing an easy flow from your hip to the sole of your foot. A beige sandal or elegant footwear, on the other hand, offers a lovely daytime or office appearance to turn your red dress into something casual.

Nude shoes are a neutral color when combined with a skirt that will make you stand out with a gentle and versatile appearance. It is not hard to witness many celebrities wear nude pumps as a highlight for the whole outfit. This shoe style is worth trying at least once in your life.

Unexpected Outfit Mix

Red and blue combo

You might think it is crazy to mix blue shoes with a red dress. But believe me, this makes the dress more outstanding than ever. It only happens when you can choose the right blue hue. Opt for light sky blue if your dress is bright red. Navy and dark blue are the best color shoes to go with light red flocks.

All ladies love to be unique, and blue will be a creative twist. It is undeniably eye-catching while funny and distinctive. However, this combination is only suitable at disco parties where you are in control of the stage, instead of meetings or serious discussions.

Brown shoes

Brown is the best color for red dresses. It is a complicated color and from my point of view, it’s only ideal for people having dark or brown skin. Then, it works on the same principle as the nude color. But if you are white, choosing a brown pair can lead to a red dress dilemma.

However, you may experiment by wearing your preferred red dress with brown pumps and finishing the look with gaze jewelry.

Red shoes

If you ask what color shoes you should wear with red dresses, surely red shoes are a smart choice. Coordinating a ton sur ton is a safe choice, chosen by many women when they don’t know what color to mix. The simple answer to chic designer dresses is to wear shoes of the same shade.

According to some specialists, creating matchy-matchy ensembles is always entertaining, particularly when the footwear match. You may still go monochromatic, but I propose pairing your vibrant red dress with a pair of dark crimson shoes to complement your overall look while still making you outstanding. However, personal preference is highly subjective, so go ahead and settle with something you like.

Two-tone colored shoes

It does not have to be shoes with one color to create the best outfit for a red dress. If you are sick of something mundane, why don’t you try to wear red dresses with two colored shoes?

Black and white combination

I propose beginning by playing with various bright colors. Shoe color choices in two tones are ideal. It might be black-and-white shoes with a red outfit. It is more challenging to style since the simpler the color of a shoe is, the more effortless it is to wear with red dresses.

However, if you’re fashion-forward and pay attention to every detail, a more complicated black and white shoe will be suitable for complicated patterns dresses.

Metallic Ornamentation on Black Footwear

If black and white do not suit you, you may try some fascinating concepts by wearing black shoes with crystals and shiny accents.

This type of footwear is mostly seen in high heels, and guess what? Aren’t high heels the most classic option for a red dress? When combining a red dress with a pair of black high heels featuring metallic embellishments, you can be more charming and seductive.

My Personal Choice

When it comes to red dresses, several shoe colors can be chosen to create a stunning outfit. However, I would like to stick to the most classic choice: white shoe goes with a red dress.

This doesn’t only create an impressive color-block effect but also elevates your elegant appearance. White shoes emphasize brightness, rather than darkness like black shoes or creativity like other colors, which positively affects the mood of wearers.


In conclusion of what color shoes to wear with red dress, you can opt for many shoe colors to mix and match with red dresses. You’ll be amazed to learn about stunning fashions that are a must-try for gatherings. At every party from now on, hopefully, you can appear in the most gorgeous look with your red dresses.

So, perhaps, I’ve solved your red dress conundrum. Leave your opinion in the comment section and wait for more tips in mixing and matching!

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