What Color of Shoes Go With Everything? Here is the Answer!

Shoes are crucial to putting together a well-coordinated look. Several sorts of shoes are designed to match each appearance you want to have, from formal to casual. Without a doubt, the color of your shoes is the first impression you make, determining whether or not your ensemble is trendy.

Shoes can be white, black, grey, brown, or other bright tones like red, green, blue, yellow, etc. How do we pick the perfect color that goes with every outfit out of all these options? What is the shoe color that goes with everything? Definitely minimal colors like black, grey, navy, and white. But how to make them look as stunning as possible?

No worries, this article on what color of shoes go with everything will provide an answer to this topic as well as some advice on selecting the appropriate shoe color.

Shoes With Basic Colors – The Top Options

Black, grey, and beige are classified as neutral colors that can match any outfit. They are the top 3 most popular shoe colors in the world, with people of all ages and genders wearing them. In any situation, these neutral colors may add elegance, simplicity, and courtesy to your ensemble.

Black Shoes

Everyone should have a pair of black shoes that go with everything. For both men and women, black is the most formal color, ensuring neatness and professionalism. Black shoes are the best choice for a suit at work and for special occasions such as weddings and funerals.

Most women say that they immediately fall in love with a man dressed in a tuxedo with black shoes. For women, black shoes can go with skinny jeans, summer dresses, or even a luxurious gown. Women can look more confident, charming, and sexy by wearing black shoes.

Not only formal events, black shoes are frequently chosen on casual occasions as they are clean, can rarely stain, and are particularly well-suited to outdoor sporting activities like climbing and jogging. When going to the gym, a picnic, or a long road trip, black sneakers are the most comfortable.

Grey Shoes

Grey shoes are ideal for those who prefer simple yet attractive color schemes. Grey is a great color to combine with grey, black, or white pants since it makes the outfit look elegant but not as dark as black. Brighter colors, such as plum red, yellow, or blue can also be matched with grey shoes. Grey shoes go with almost everything.

Beige Shoes

Beige shoes are more appropriate for women, however men can wear beige loafers or boots on occasion. Beige is a neutral color that is formed by mixing brown and white. These shoes will go well with a variety of outfits and colors, including black, gray, blue, white, and yellow.

But when wearing beige shoes with dark colors, you must be cautious because the contrasting impact may not always produce a desired result.

Everyone Likes Brown Shoes

Different from the basic colors like black, gray, and beige for elegant work sets, a pair of brown shoes will be extremely suitable for liberal casual outfits. Brown is the most versatile color, ranging from dark chocolate to light brown.

It looks fantastic with denim, navy, blue, grey, and other brown-colored clothing. Cool guys and girls will love to mix brown shoes with stylish denim or trendy black leather jackets. A gentleman will be gorgeous in a grey or navy suit and a pair of dark brown shoes.

Brown sandals, which go with everything in the summer, are also a must-have in a girl’s shoe wardrobe. They can be matched with vintage dresses or patterned skirts for a feminine look. Brown boots are also ideal for the fall and winter seasons, and are frequently paired tone-sur-tone with the color of the bag and belt to make your outfit more fashionable.

Pro tips: When wearing brown shoes with black pants, darker brown is better than light brown since it creates less contrast and makes your ensemble less awkward.

Navy Shoes – Luxurious and Gorgeous

Navy – The color matches everything and goes perfectly with white or black. Navy blue, often known as charcoal blue, is an elegant and attractive color for both men and women. A denim outfit will be great if you mix it with a pair of navy shoes.

Men can wear navy sneakers, loafers, or flip flops while women will go for high heels, sandals, or boots. You can wear a pair of navy shoes with white pants for the best appearance.

For a formal dinner with your parents or other important events that require you to dress up, navy shoes are the smartest option. A grey suit with navy shoes will look terrific. Wearing a white or blue gown with navy heels and a twinkle clutch is gorgeous as well. Because navy blue is luxurious but not too dark, it is ideal for night events. You will always be the focus of attention with your appearance.

Pro tips: If you don’t want your ensemble to look monochrome and dull, don’t pair navy shoes with navy blue pants. If you must dress in this manner, adding a pair of white socks to contrast your attire would be preferable.

White Shoes Is Universal

There is no doubt that white color shoes go with everything. White shoes are incredibly popular all over the world. In our shoe closets, most of us have at least one pair of white shoes.

They give off a neat, clean vibe and attract attention to the items you’re wearing. White shoes are also commonly worn at formal occasions, particularly by women. For example, the bride generally matches her white dress with white shoes on her wedding day.

The white sneaker adds dynamism and fashion to every outfit. White sneakers go well with leggings, jeans, and skirts. Hence, white color sneakers go with everything, whether it’s fashionable, cool, lively, youthful, or feminine.

When wearing white shoes, keep in mind that they are easy to get dirty, especially during outdoor activities like camping or on rainy days. As a result, choose the events where you can wear white shoes carefully to avoid ruining your outfit.

Pro tips: If you’re a man and need to dress up, a pair of white shoes and a vest will not be suitable, because white often creates an immature vibe that will ruin your expectation.

How to Choose Your Perfect Shoe Color

You may already be aware of some safe shoe colors that can be paired with any outfit; however, you should consider the following guidelines when selecting the most appropriate shoe color:

  • It depends on the occasion: The purpose of each event dictates the color of your shoes. Dark shoes, such as black, brown, or navy, are frequently more sympathetic for important situations like meetings or presentations. If you don’t want to show off too much in a crowd, avoid bright tones like beige, white, and yellow.
  • Be mindful of your clothes: The sort of clothing you wear has an impact on the color of your shoes as well. If you’re wearing a sequin or sparkly dress, avoid wearing shoes that are too brightly colored, such as red, yellow, or orange; otherwise, the outfit will appear ridiculous.
  • Use the contrast formula: Contrasting outfit colors like white – black, white – navy blue, white – brown, and so on are great combinations. To produce an eye-catching effect, you can choose a shoe color that contrasts your outfit.
  • Select seasonal shoe colors: Some tones, such as mint green, blue, and white, are ideal for summer since they evoke a sense of freshness and youth. Autumn and winter colors include brown, beige, and gray.


You are armed with all the knowledge to choose the right color of shoes which can go with everything. Black, grey, and beige are the basic colors that help to create a professional look, while navy, brown, and white also match with any outfit you want to wear.

The most important thing is to know how to select the ideal shoe color, as well as when and where to do it. Hopefully, the article on what color of shoes go with everything will assist you in making the best possible impression whenever you go out by selecting the right shoe color.

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