How to Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller with 3 Amazing Tips

We must all have once experienced the traumatic scene of wearing an unfit pair of boots. These boots keep slipping off, which leads to awkward movement and unusual stride. Large shoes also harm your ankle and cause a variety of painful injuries, such as blisters or arch pain.

The best solution is to find a pair of boots that fit you snugly. But what if you have already purchased the wrong size of your must-have shoes? Is there any way to make big shoes fit better?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you. With these life-saving tricks, such as using socks, stuffing or insoles, you can easily find the answer to the question “how to make big shoes fit smaller”.

How to Make Bigger Shoes Fit?

Doubtlessly, everyone has many boots, heels, and sneakers in the closet that are too large to be worn. There are several reasons for this situation. Perhaps because shoes are stretched after a long time of being used; or your feet tend to shrink in colder seasons that you feel uncomfortable with those boots. No matter what the reason is, it is always preferable to wear shoes that fit rather than loose boots that will interfere with your stride and may cause injuries, as we said before.

The good news is that we can offer you many simple and time-saving methods with easy accessibility. Apart from that, if you truly have difficulties making them more convenient and fitter, we’ll move on to some alternative modifications you may make.

1. Use socks

It sounds like the most straightforward way, doesn’t it? You may have never thought a small pair of socks would save your life. Because of easy accessibility, socks are most suitable for sneakers or athletic shoes.

All you need is to wear a pair of thick socks, which can make up for the excess space in your large shoes. In case you don’t have one, you can use two or three pairs of socks instead.

This technique, unfortunately, is not suitable for other pairs of shoes, particularly high heels where socks are not required. Also, you should be careful to make oversized shoes fit using this trick in the hot summer. This can make you feel uncomfortable because of the sweat.

Pro Tip:

  • If you are going to wear closed-toe heels, you can still use footies, also known as hidden socks, to make larger shoes fit without being noticed.

2. Use stuffing

If socks are too hot in the summer, test this affordable and new remedy. All you need are tissue papers, cotton pads, or simply toilet papers. Based on similar principles as socks, these stuffings would be incredibly beneficial if you have trouble with your easily sliding shoes.

Pro Tip:

  • Because of the inability to waterproof, long-distance walks will cause your feet to sweat.
  • Remember to remove these stuffings right away when you’re done, since any material will quickly become unpleasant and stinky.

3. Use insoles

Since the fundamental problem of big shoes is in the sole, using insoles is a good way to make big shoes fit smaller. Insoles are insertable pads that fill out the excess space while giving your feet enough support all day long. There are two types of insoles: half insoles and full ones. Both have their strengths and limitations. Read on to find out.

Half insoles

You can easily fit into big shoes thanks to a ball of foot cushions, or also called half insoles. It is the most effective remedy for sandals, pumps, or flats. Not only do they raise your feet to make them in the right place with the shoe toe’s strap, but they also offer extra cushioning and traction beneath the ball of your feet.

During warmer weather, where other solutions can’t work well, cushions will prevent your shoes from sliding forwards and backward. There is a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes for a ball of cushions. You can easily choose which suits your opened-toe shoes best.

We can give you here two recommendations:

  • Scholl’s gel half insoles:

With a thicker texture than a standard ball of cushions, the adhesive surface is high-efficient in protecting your feet. They are also washable and recyclable, backed by a 6-month warranty! When wearing bare feet, this is the best option.

  • Pedag leather ball of cushions:

Gel half insoles can cause your feet to sweat, but genuine leather one won’t. It provides your cushions with the significant support of traction and breathability. Consider buying one if you are looking for gadgets making big shoes fit.

Full insoles

Working on the same principle, full insoles have no distinction compared to a ball of cushions. The largest difference is that full-size ones can add even traction to your feet across the footwear.

It is still an easy go-to to fix big shoes, but bear in mind that insoles have a short lifespan. Pay attention to them and remove them in time to avoid further injuries to your feet.

Alternatives for High Heels

While a too wide pair of closed-toe shoes can easily have solutions, high heels are more challenging for us to find one. Since they need to fit as snugly as possible, we rarely reach comfort while wearing a slightly big heel.

Toe inserts

This is a new trick that not everyone knows. Toe inserts are suitable for closed-toe high heels that are ridiculously long for your feet. Toe inserts can be readily applied to heels to function as a space filler. These are wonderful for shortening the length of your shoes and may also be used with half insoles. This combination results in a tighter fit in the toe part of your footwear.

Heel Liners

Heel liners, also known as heel strips, are partial pads used to shorten the length of high heels. You can find many materials built up a heel liner, including gel, latex-free, or also fabric. These materials help your feet feel more comfortable while using heel liners by avoiding blisters and arch pain.

Additional adjustments:

The previous tricks are only suitable for someone who has no time or is in a hurry. However, because of their temporary characteristics, we can’t rely on filling methods in the long run. If you are seeking a permanent way to fix big shoes, we can recommend these solutions. Of course, they are more time-consuming and may be expensive, but the result is undeniable.

Shrink Them with Water

Instead of making up for extra space, some shoes need to be stretched for a longer lifespan. In terms of components, making big shoes fit by soaking them into water is a straightforward method. However, it would be great if you took care not to harm the boots themselves. Here is the way:

  • Step 1: Dampen your shoes. Top Tip: Some types of shoes can’t be used in a damped situation, so you should ensure your footwear is suitable for this trick.
  • Step 2: Laundry
  • The sun is the best heat source for drying your footwear. So you should leave your shoes air dry to protect their high quality. But if you can’t be that patient, a hairdryer is a helpful device to boost the process.
  • Step 3: Try on your shoes one more time. If your shoes are still too large, repeat the process a few more times.

Consult an Expert

When nothing above can bring fruits, the first thing is to see a cobbler. Thanks to his/ her professional help, we believe the problem can get solved with ease. But the price for this service is never low, so in some cases purchasing a new pair of shoes is more costly, but sensible.


We have provided you with the most life-saving hacks. Which one suits your footwear the best? Leave your answer in the comment section, and like, share if you find this article helpful for how to make big shoes fit smaller.

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