Have You Ever Found Out How to Wear Shoes That are Too Big?

That wearing shoes too big is a burning question that everyone has faced up. Some people might think that a pair of shoes slightly too big is totally fine since it can avoid some minor injuries like blisters or bunions.

However, this is a stereotype and not true at all. Even shoes a half size too big can negatively affect your stride and walking performance, not to mention other inconveniences. So you should know how to wear shoes that are too big if you are having one.

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Why Should I Fix Shoes That are Too Big

Contrary to popular belief, wide shoes do not help you in anything, except affecting your health in various ways. Before knowing how to wear shoes that are too big, you need to acknowledge how serious it is to wear an unfit pair of shoes in the long term.

Lack of comfort:

While wearing a fit shoe, you can see that all the forces are applied fully on the surface of your foot. This allows your lower part to serve as a stable fulcrum for the whole body. As a result, your movement is comfortable as well as convenient.

On the other hand, your stride will be affected when you wear shoes too big. You may walk awkwardly, and in the long run, this will harm your spine. Besides, other foot-related problems such as ankle hurt, calluses, and blisters can also be involved.

That’s why you should make a precise measurement of the length of your feet before getting new shoes. Of course, the size is also based on your feet’ width and height, which diverges from various brands in the market. If you are still not sure how to tell if shoes are too big, you can search and read our article about “How to tell if shoes are too big”.

How to Wear Shoes That are Too Big

Good news: A pair of shoes too big needs less effort to fix than a too-tight one. Depending on how wide the shoes are, you can apply several tricks. First, look at some methods to fix shoes slightly too big.

1. Get your shoes full-filled with socks

This is undeniably the most effortless one because of its wide availability. Everyone has thick socks in their wardrobe and in this case, these are truly a lifesaver. Instead of a thin pair of socks, you can make up for the excessive space of your shoes by wearing a thicker one or even multiple pairs.

Top Tip:

  • The socks made of natural materials such as cotton or wool will suit best to solve the problem.
  • Be careful in the hot summer. This can make you feel uncomfortable because of the sweat.
  • You should apply this method to running shoes and boots rather than high heels.

2. Fill your shoes with stuffing

Can’t find any thick socks in your wardrobe, or is this method too hot for you? Try this new one.

The stuffing is an affordable and quick remedy. It requires nothing more than simple materials in your house, such as cotton pads, tissue, or toilet paper. Because of the same principles, I will only show you how to do it with tissue.

  • Step 1: Try on your shoes and assess whether it is sliding backward or forwards when you walk.
  • Step 2: If the answer is yes, then you need to fix shoes that are too big.
  • Step 3: Gently place your heel close to the sole of the shoe. Then estimate the excess toe.
  • Step 4: Take just an adequate amount of tissue to fill the shoes. Roll it up and tuck it close to the toe of the shoe.
  • Step 5: Test it again to see if now you can walk comfortably.

Top Tip:

  • Because of the sweat permeability, this trick is not suitable for those who are having long-distance walks.
  • It can only be used with closed-toe heels, sneakers, and boots.

3. Solve the problem with insoles

Insoles are soft padding insertable in your shoes. These typically have gel, silicone, or foam material and combat posture problems and pain. Another use of this thing is to fulfill the extra space in shoes that are too big.

Insoles are additionally very reasonable and available in almost every store. Because of the various insoles, you can use them for several purposes.

Top Tip:

  • Insoles are incredibly recommended for high heels because of their comfort benefits and while also removing pressure on the feet.
  • Before buying them, you should test the insoles first to make sure they fit your shoes, and you feel comfortable while wearing them.

4. Use smaller cushioning devices

If you are having shoes slightly too big, use this method because of several reasons. Unlike thick insoles, ball-of-foot pads are thin devices. They are often used for the part that is under the balls of your foot. Thanks to a thin layer of support, the patches help you walk more confidently.

Top Tip:

  • If your shoes are big in length but not in height, use ball-of-foot to avoid discomfort from thick insoles.
  • Ball-of-foot pads are easy to access. There is a wide range of styles so you can choose, for instance, the color you like.

What About High Heels

On the other hand, high heels are much more difficult to tighten because they require to be as fit as possible to reach comfort. But don’t worry if your heels are too wide! Heel strips can fix this problem.

It is also a partial pad, like a ball-of-foot pad. Thanks to its strip-like design, the heel strip is fashionable, and you can position it anywhere you want to fulfill the excessive space.

How to Fix Shoes That are Too Big

The previous methods can only be used in case your shoes are slightly too big. However, if the problem with your shoes is more serious, you should probably take these methods into account. Here are some tricks that might need more devotion. Read on to find out!

1. Soaking the shoes into the water to shrink them

It sounds insane, but water is truly an amazing natural source to make shoes that fit too big. However, the process requires much attention and devotion; otherwise, you spoil your shoes. To avoid this traumatic scene, please read carefully the instructions written in your shoes to check if they are washable or not.

Necessary equipment:

  • Canning jar
  • Water
  • Heat source (highly recommend using a hairdryer)

Detailed Instruction:

  • Step 1: Soak your shoes in water to get them wet. Top Tip: Pay attention to leather shoes. Use the canning jar now if you do not want to ruin your leather.
  • Step 2: Leave it air dry.

Top Tip: Drying a shoe under the sun is the best way to protect the quality, especially in leather cases. However, if you want the process to happen more quickly, you can use a heat source such as a heat gun or a hairdryer. I recommend you use a hairdryer. Please bear in mind that synthetic or polyester fabrics are flammable, so do not place the hairdryer too close.

  • Step 3: After washing your shoes, test them one more time to check if they are fit now. Some repetitions can be made if your shoes are too wide.
  • Step 4: With leather or suede shoes, please apply a layer of conditioner on them to maintain their brightness and durability.

2. Sewing trick: Elastic band

As you know, when all materials are pulled together, the subject would be tightened. Without a doubt, it also works under this circumstance.

Necessary Equipment:

  • Elastic band
  • Set of needles and thread

Detailed Instruction:

  • Step 1: Check if your elastic band is strong enough to hold all things together.
  • Step 2: Select an area. Top Tip: Choose a spot inside the back of the shoe, or a loose one to reach the best result. Then extend the band as far as you can along the region.
  • Step 3: Attach the elastic band to the shoes with care, making sure it is compacted.
  • Step 4: Once you have finished the previous step, free the band. Now it will pull the materials in, making it fit better.

3. When nothing is effective

All the previous methods can only be applied when your shoes are not vulnerable. The first thing you should do to avoid the problems is to choose the shoes carefully in the store.

If your pair of shoes, because of external impact, gets bigger day by day and nothing above can bring fruits, consult a cobbler. With his professional help, the problem can be solved effortlessly.

However, there is a small disadvantage that the fee for this service is not low-priced, so carefully consider whether you need it.


Here are some tricks on how to wear shoes that are too big that you should take into consideration when having shoes too big. Do you find this article informative and helpful? Or do you have more interesting tips to show us? Please let us know in the comment section.

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