How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots? 100% Succeeded

Cowboy boots are well-known as fashionable footwear which offer you both comfort and aesthetics. Cowboy boots have always been popular since they were originally introduced in the 1800s. If you want to have the greatest outfit with the freedom and generosity of cowboys in the far west of the United States, they come in a variety of styles for you to pick from.

People who fall in love with cowboy boots must know how comfortable they are. However, there is a minor issue when new cowboy boots cause heel slippage. When you walk in a brand new pair of cowboy boots, your heel may slip, lowering your confidence and causing discomfort.

How to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots without having boot heel replacement? If you are looking for an answer to this question, this article is tailored for you.

Make Sure the Boots Fit Snugly

That is the best way to prevent heel slippage in boots at the first step. In most cases, the reason your heel is slipping up and down is that the boots are too wide or big. As a result, knowing your exact shoe size is critical.

Cowboy boots vary from other shoes and boots because they do not have shoelaces. If you have the misfortune of purchasing overly large cowboy boots, tightening them with shoelaces is impossible.

Cowboy boots are also commonly mistaken for being smaller than other shoes because of their rigidity. They are more difficult to find, so make sure they fit exactly on your feet with just enough room for your toes.

Instead of ordering them online, go to the store and try them on. Even if the online store provides a boot description, an inappropriate pair of boots can cause heel slippage.

Be Mind of Your Walking Style

Have you ever thought that the way you walk could affect cowboy boots? The answer is yes. To run faster in sports shoes, you typically place the ball of your feet on the ground first, but this habit is not ideal for boots.

Cowboy boots, and other boots, have a distinct design that is unlike running shoes. Rather than touching the ground with the ball of your feet, do it with your heel. This walking style will help you feel comfortable to wear boots because the heel is much heavier than other parts.

So if you mostly wear running shoes and have this unsuitable walking style, just change it for cowboy boots to avoid slippage.

Your Cowboy Boots Need Time

You should walk in your cowboy boots for a while to avoid slipping. They are quite stiff when they’re fresh, so it might be painful to put them on for the first time. When you wear them more, everything will improve. The boots will mold to your feet shape and reduce slippage. The more you use them, the more comfortable you get. That’s why, over time, your cowboy boots will become softer. And the heel slippage will be eliminated.

Use Heel Grips or Liners

If you choose the right size and walk for a long time, you still find the cowboy boots heel slip, so you need to find another way to fix it. Heel grips or liners could be the best savior for you as they are made of leather, which is easy to add to the heel of your cowboy boots. They help your heel right fit to the boots to prevent heel slippage but don’t cause blisters. On the other hand, they make your feet more comfortable when you walk.

A Shoes Tongue Pads may Help

With the theory that the less room in your shoe, the more successfully heel slipping issues may be treated, shoe tongue pads can be pretty useful. The pads were originally inserted under the tongue to strengthen and thicken it. When you walk with the tongue pads inserted into the top of your feet, you may effortlessly elevate your feet without slipping.

Use a Spray for Your Cowboy Boots

Although the spray is not a long-term solution for heel slippage, it can be used temporarily. You just have to spray a layer inside the boots. Hair spray will help your socks stick to the boots to avoid heel slippage. The good news is that hair spray is easy to remove without causing damage. And it does not affect your socks. You’re likely to have a bottle of hairspray at home, so it’s simple to fix heel slippage if you need to put on your cowboy boots right away but don’t have your heel grips or tongue pad.

Use an Anti-Slip Gel Pad

A specially designed cushion, called an anti-slip gel pad, works similarly to hairspray in reducing slippage. They can be attached to the back of the boot’s heel to keep your feet in position while moving. This gel pad is not only non-irritating to the skin, but it also makes the boots more pleasant to wear. Gel pads can be removed and reused multiple times without causing damage to your boots. Keep in mind that for the optimum outcomes, you’ll need to put them in the right spots.

Wear Non-Slip Socks or Thick Socks

You can adjust the type of socks you’re wearing if you don’t want any impact on your boots from heel pads, sprays, or gel pads. Anti-slip socks with silicone dots are available on the market to help your feet grasp the boots firmly when moving. Thicker socks are also appropriate for cowboy boots since they take up more space in the boots, minimizing the amount of room that causes heel slippage. So preparing at least a pair of socks among these above styles will be ideal for fixing the issue.

Keep Your Cowboy Boots Dry

When wearing cowboy boots, the reason your heel slips is that your boots are wet. This might happen when your feet sweat while trekking, and cowboy boots aren’t always breathable. Alternatively, wearing boots in rainy or snowy weather might make heel slippage even worse. It’s critical that your cowboy boots stay dry, so make sure you dry them with a boot dryer after each ride. If your cowboy boots become wet for an extended period, they may become loose and increase the heel slippage.

Find for Another Fresh Pair of Cowboy Boots

We don’t encourage you to give up, but if you’ve done everything and still can’t get your boot heel slippage to stop, it’s possible you purchased the wrong boots. And the only way to get rid of it is to buy new ones. And this time, to make sure you get the correct pair of cowboy boots, read the product descriptions ahead of time and carefully try them on in the store. If your old cowboy boots didn’t have this issue before but now have frequent heel slips, it might be time to replace them.


You now have access to all the methods to help you fix heel slippage without cowboy boots heel replacement. Being patient and giving your new boots time to break in is the first step you should take to make them perfectly fit your toes. If the heel slippage still exists after that, this article will teach you how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots.

Don’t let heel slippage in cowboy boots ruin your confidence! Hopefully, you can have the most comfortable treatment that you deserve with your favorite cowboy boots.

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