Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work? The Answer May Amaze You

When you purchase a wonderful pair of shoes and discover that it is not your correct size, you may consider using a shoe stretcher to address the situation. But what if shoe stretching tools sound too strange for you? Do shoe stretchers really work? Yes, the effectiveness of it is definitely in question.

In fact, a shoe stretcher may be your rescue. You’ll see how professional shoe stretchers are and how you can always rely on them to save your shoes from this problem.

To offer you a clear picture of how to use shoe stretchers, we’ll explain what they are, why you should use them, and how they work. You can find out all the answers to your knotty query in this article.

Do You Know What Shoe Stretchers are?

The shoe stretcher is a multi-purpose equipment that can increase the size of your shoes, including the breadth and the length. Besides shoes, the stretcher can also stretch boots, which help to expand the calf and instep area.

Plastic, wood, and metal are the most common materials used to make shoe stretchers. These materials help to withstand prime forces while stretching the shoes, guaranteeing that there isn’t too much strain that causes the shoes to tear. Shoe stretchers are usually not divided into left and right-foot versions, but of course, there are some special circumstances.

A shoe stretcher will work best on leather shoes or canvas ones. On the contrary, non-natural materials are not suitable for this because of short-lasting efficiency. After a while, your pair of shoes can shrink back to their original size, requiring you to repeat the process.

When are Shoe Stretchers Ready to Be Used?

No matter how hard you try to find the perfect shoe for your foot size, you may occasionally purchase a pair of shoes that are too small. When you try on shoes in the morning and find them too tight in the afternoon because of a change in foot size, it’s an irony. The shoe stretcher will save you at this point.

You should know the shoe stretcher cannot change your shoe size. If your shoe size is 7, but you bought the wrong size 5, a shoe stretcher cannot help you convert size 5 to size 7. They can, however, help you stretch to half size by maximizing the length and width of your shoes.

One of your feet may be larger than the other occasionally. As a result, shoes fit one foot perfectly while the other is a little tight. Shoe stretchers are also designed specifically for this situation to stretch the smaller one.

Various Styles of Shoe Stretchers

You should know which form of the stretcher is the best for your shoes before you begin. Many people are unaware that shoe stretchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Using the incorrect type may cause a poor result on your favorite shoes. Read on to find out!

  • Single shoe stretchers: This type of stretcher is tailored to fix the specific area. At a time, you can only select one position, such as length, toe box, or width.
  • Two-way shoe stretchers: Unlike the one-way type, you can stretch multiple positions in one session. These enable you to lengthen and/or widen a pair of shoes. They come with small attachments, and bunions, corns, and calluses are examples of pressure sites that might be targeted.
  • High heel stretchers: It is designed only for women who must frequently wear high-heeled shoes. They’re thinner and slanted to suit women’s high heels flawlessly.
  • Boot stretchers: Boots have relatively unique characteristics and materials, which necessitates the use of a certain type of stretcher. Boot stretchers can stretch the breadth of the foot, the width of the calf or shaft, and/or the instep of the boots.

Do Shoe Stretchers Really Work? How Do Shoe Stretchers Work?

If you’ve never tried shoe stretch before, you might not know what it is. That’s also why you’re skeptical of shoe stretchers’ ability to stretch because you don’t understand how they work. No worries! We will show you how they work in this article.

How Stretchers Work on the Breadth of Your Shoes?


  • Your shoes
  • A shoe stretcher
  • Spray for stretching shoes
  • Shoe stretching liquid (if any)

What to do:

  • Step 1: Sprinkle every part of the shoe with a shoe stretching spray. If there is any spot that you need to stretch more, spray them correctly in the area. If you have stretching liquid, cover your shoes with a layer to have a better result.
  • Step 2: Once the stretcher is ready, put it deep into your shoes. Only stop when the stretcher meets the endpoint of the shoes.
  • Step 3: The shoe stretcher has a holder looking like a hook at the end. It will be a block made of wood or plastic. You must open it by turning the handle counter-clockwise. Stop when it is tight, then give it another three full turns.
  • Step 4: Leave the shoes for 6 – 8 hours, then repeat the process with the handle to unfasten the stretcher.
  • Step 5: Recheck the shoe and try on your foot to see if it is fit now. Try again from step 1 to 4 if more change is needed.

What About the Length?


  • The same as the previous instruction.

What to do:

  • Step 1: Use the stretching sprinkle and liquid as above.
  • Step 2: Again, have your stretcher deep inserted in your shoes, with the endpoint of the toe box meeting the toe block.
  • Step 3: Make sure the heel block is inside the shoe, since it is the point touching the stretcher’s back. Put the wheel at the end, between the heel block and the handle. Top Tip: It’s best if the flat side is facing up
  • Step 4: Rotate the wheel in a clockwise direction. The heel block will move towards the heel counter. Continue to turn it about three more times once the heel block is snug.
  • Step 5: Leave the shoes for 6 – 8 hours, then turn the handle counter-clockwise to loosen the stretcher.
  • Step 6: Try on the shoe and check if it fits Try again from step 1 to 5 if more adjustment is needed.


Now is the time to stretch your shoes and achieve a flawless result with our help. So you can decide for yourself whether shoe stretchers are effective. They do, but it may not be as miraculous as you had hoped for a full-size increase in your shoes. What they can do is make more room in your shoes and relieve sore spots.

So, open your wardrobe with confidence, pull out those tight shoes that have been sitting in the closet for a long time, order a shoe stretcher, and get them fixed. You might be surprised by the results, and you won’t have to worry about your favorite shoes being too tight again.

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