Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boots: Who Will Win This Fight?

In the modern world, boots are aesthetic accessories through which people show their fashion taste. As a result, there are now numerous styles of boots in the market. Some of them look the same but still contain key differences.

Clarks, one forerunner in this product, has released two styles: Bushacre and original desert boots. At first glance, we can hardly set these two styles apart because of their identical outlook. However, according to professional opinions, there are still some distinctions between these two versions.

If you are in such a dilemma of choosing Clarks desert boots vs bushacre 2, you can read this article to find for yourself a sound decision as we will provide detailed comparisons of Clarks bushacre vs Desert boots. So dive in to learn more.

Clarks Company

Are you curious about the owner of this famous brand? Let’s get to know who they are and what they do to produce classic products like desert boots and Bushacre.

Clarks company, whose full name is C. & J. international Ltd, is an English worldwide shoemaker and trader. In 1825, Cyrus Clark laid a foundation stone for this dream in Somerset in Britain. But not until did Nathan Clark release a stunning ankle height boot called Desert Boots in 1950 that this company flourished. Inspired by a style of suede boots worn by British servicemen during World War II, Nathan created this chukka-designed boot. Right away, it launched a revolution in the fashion world.

After over fifty years, people wanted something more durable than the original crepe soles. Therefore, Clarks came up with the idea of superseding this part of Desert Boots with a resistant one. Then they launched the production line of Bushacre. Based on its success, Clarks Bushacre 2 and Clarks Bushacre 3 were respectively brought to life.

Recently both Desert Boots and Clarks Bushacre have been stapled accessories for all men in the world. Because of their similar appearance, the fight between them for the title: King of Clarks boots is hotter than ever before. Read on to know which one is the winner.

Desert Boots Review

As above information, Desert boots created by Nathan Clark have a versatile design that makes wearers look gorgeous in any situation.

1. A fashionable item

If you are a fashion-conscious person, a pair of desert boots is certainly a must-have item in your wardrobe. You can mix-and-match it with several things such as denim shorts, T-shirts, or formal ones like dress shirts.

2. Material

Unlike other kinds of boots, desert boots are more suitable for warm seasons than colder ones. Because of permeability, calf leather allows dirt and moisture to go through. So, in the winter, your feet may feel wet and cold if you use this product.

However, you should not worry about the quality of the materials since Clarks guarantees that no fake leather or suede is used in their products.

Top Tip: Doubtlessly, boots made up of real leather are more long-lasting than synthetic ones. You can set these two materials apart at the first glance since genuine suede makes the boot look more sophisticated.

3. Excellent in every part

One of the significant features of this production line is crepe soles. Desert boots sport a lightweight, bright, and bouncy rubber sole that gives a pleasant feeling for the entire day.

A minor disadvantage of this sole is its rigidity in the winter, but in the summer, they are flexible enough to provide good traction on dehydrated terrains.

4. A high-quality design

The quality of desert boots is indisputable. Thanks to EVA footbed features, you can use desert boots for a long time without hesitation. Wearing them seems like having your foot on a soft and lovely pillow. Compared to Bushacre, desert boots will have an advantage on this point.

Besides, inside the desert boot is also made up of leather, which makes it extremely breathable. That is the main reason after a long period of wearing, your feet are still dry and not sweaty, even in warmer months.

Moreover, desert boots have a long lifespan. Who doesn’t want a pair of boots that are both comfortable and durable?

Top Tip: To extend its lifespan, use it with care. Because leather boots tend to be damaged by unwashable stains, you should use them for casual occasions instead of sporty purposes like hiking or fishing.

5. Variety of choice

Because of leather material, desert shoes tend to broaden when you use them regularly. Therefore, you must purchase a half size smaller than your normal size.

Desert Boots also have a wide range of colors and designs. The latest release is Desert Boots 2 from Clarks with additional features.

Top Tip: We recommend you to buy a light brown one which is often called BeeWax color. Not only is it the most favorite color of many trendsetters, but it is also suitable for various occasions: from casual to formal ones.

Clarks Bushacre 2 Review

Compared to desert boots, Clarks Bushacre is much younger. Launched in 2005, Bushacre has become a significant production line of Clarks. At first sight, it is hard to tell any difference between desert boots and Clarks Bushacre since the latter was created based on the former one.

And among Clarks Bushacre products, Bushacre 2 is the most popular because of its stunning design and durable lifespan. Therefore, we will concentrate on this version to show you the distinctions between it and desert boots.

1. Mix and match

Because this pair of chukka boots looks the same as desert boots, so basically you can wear them with any item mentioned above. It goes well with jeans and T-shirts to create a sporty style or vintage items like textured sweaters or plaid statement jackets.

2. Material

Leather and suede are still the prime material to build up a beautiful Bushacre boot. If a desert boot has a layer of leather inside the boots, bushacre only has a synthetic lining. Therefore, in comparison with desert boots, their leather seems to be stiffer.

Top Tip: That is why you need a “break-in” period before using a pair of bushacre boots. Conditioners or shoe stretchers may work best in this situation.

3. Special feature

As we said above, the sole is the most distinctive difference that we can tell these two apart. The crepe sole of desert boots is not long-lasting enough for people who are having long walks every day. But the solid rubber sole in bushacre is.

Unlike desert boots, the bushacre boots 2 are weather-resistant by creating consistent traction in any type of weather, even the slick and wet ones. It also features a glossy and thin layer of a black leather top with a slim profile sole. So you don’t need to worry about being dirty-looking on rainy days.

Top Tip: To protect your boots more, waterproof them. Once this process is done, this classic boot can be used comfortably in snowy and rainy regions without making your feet damped.

4. Quality

The Bushacre boots may not bring you as much comfort as desert boots. However, thanks to a stitch-down construction, these are tough and durable even after a long period of use. Together with the sole, their waterproof ability is undeniable.

Another advantage of bushacre 2 over desert boots is its versatility. This pair is even perfect for walking on shingle and lumpy terrains.

Bushacre 2 has a few additional features as compared to its original one. Besides all traits that we have listed above, bushacre 2 also has a 4.5-inch shaft and is roughly 1 inch in height from the top of the arch to the bottom of the heel. This offers you a pleasant boost without making you feel claustrophobic.

5. Variety of choice

As one of the most famous signatures of Clarks, of course, Bushacre has a wide range of colors, styles, and versions. But the color trend of it is somehow similar to desert boots. People tend to choose BeeWax color when it comes to purchasing a pair of bushacre boots. However, this color is indisputably suitable for different styles of clothes and occasions.

Top Tip: Like desert boots, remember to buy a size smaller than your usual shoe size.


We hope the information we provide helps you distinguish between Clarks Bushacre and Desert boots. Although the Desert boot may be comfier, many people prefer the Bushacre.

However, everyone has their taste. Both boots have their strengths and limitations. So Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boots, who is the winner? The answer all depends on you. And before you leave, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Look forward to seeing you then!

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