How do I clean my kigos?
Clean dirty kigos by wiping with a damp rag. Clean extra dirty kigos by running through a gentle wash cycle with warm water only. kigo shoes dry nicely in the sunshine or in a gentle clothes dryer. 


Can my kigos get wet?
The kigo drive and flit love water. Their eco water and oil resistance will keep moisture from soaking through the uppers. The kigo bali, leon and pai can get wet as well, but are not designed to be frequently submerged. All styles will dry quickly when left in the sun. 

Do kigos stink?
While we can't promise your shoes won't stink, kigo uppers are breathable and dry quickly.

Do kigo uppers stretch?
kigo drive and flit uppers are constructed from CYCLEPET, a 4-way stretch textile, that will initially fit snug and then adjust to hug the foot. kigo bali, leon and pai uppers are constructed from REPREVE, which does not naturally stretch and provides a more structured fit. If any kigo style begins to feel stretched out, run them through a gentle washer and dry them in the sun or a gentle dryer to tighten the fabric.

Can I remove the kigo insoles?
kigo drive and flit insoles are removable and at 2.5mm, provide a slight amount of cushioning. Removing the insoles offers superior ground feel and flexibility for those seeking to enhance proprioception, as well as increased space inside the shoe. kigo bali, leon and pai insoles are intentionally non-removable, at 1.5mm providing minimal cushioning and protection and maximum ground feel.

Will kigos work with my orthotics?
kigo shoes are minimalist in design with a flat insole and anatomical shaped outsole. kigo recommends consulting your podiatrist and pedorthist to determine if kigos are a healthy footwear option for you.


Where can I buy kigos?
kigos are available online through kigofootwear.com and through various retail partners in the US, Canada, England and Sweden.

Can I buy a kigo gift card?

kigo gift cards are available online through kigofootwear.com and redeemable only through kigofootwear.com

What methods of payment can I use for my kigofootwear.com order?
kigofootwear.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.

Can I order kigos if I live outside of the US?
Yes. kigofootwear.com accepts and ships orders to anywhere in the world. If you are an international customer and experience any difficulties in ordering, please contact our customer care team at customerservice@kigofootwear.com.

If I want a style or size that is out of stock at kigofootwear.com, what should I do?  
If you can't find what you are looking for at kigofootwear.com, please check with our retail partners or contact our customer care team at customerservice@kigofootwear.com.  

Does kigo ever run sales?
kigo periodically runs promotions and sales at kigofootwear.com, announcing these specials via social media and our newsletter. Connect with us to stay in the know.        kigo twitter   kigo instagram   kigo youtube   kigo pinterest   


What shipping method is used to send my kigofootwear.com order?
kigo ships all US orders via USPS Priority Mail and all international orders via USPS Priority Mail International. 

How long does it take for my kigofootwear.com order to ship?
kigo processes all orders within three (3) business days of receipt.

Where is my kigofootwear.com order?
Once your kigos leave our distribution center, a shipping confirmation and tracking number are emailed to the address provided when placing your order. If you need assistance tracking your package, please contact our customer care team at customerservice@kigofootwear.com. 

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